Trust Wallet Adds Support for Aptos dApps

Trust Wallet users on Android can now access Dapps on Aptos Network directly through the wallet’s Dapp browser. In this story, find out how:

Access Aptos on Android

Trust Wallet users on Android can now use the Dapp browser to directly access Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on Aptos Network.

For more information on how to use Trust Wallet’s dApp browser to access Aptos, read this Dec. 13 Medium post from Trust Wallet.

In response to a Twitter user’s comment, the Trust Wallet account replied that the feature would be coming “(very) soon” to iOS.

The integration is another step forward into the mainstream for the new layer-one blockchain, which is based on Facebook’s Move programming language and scrapped stablecoin project Diem.

It’s also another sign of the close relationship between Aptos and Binance. Aptos received startup funding support from Binance Labs, and Binance is the owner of Trust Wallet.

What is Aptos:

Aptos is a new, independent project focused on delivering the safest and most production-ready Layer 1 blockchain in the world. The team includes the original creators, researchers, designers, and builders of Diem, the blockchain that was first built to serve this purpose.

Where to find Aptos Labs:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Discord |

What Is Trust Wallet:

Trust Wallet is a crypto application and wallet that allows access without registration. It is a decentralized wallet that gives users secure and exclusive control of their funds. Users’ personal information and data are not stored, which forms another layer of protection. The product’s aims are described as being vested in making cryptocurrencies easily accessible on a global scale.

Trust Wallet allows users easy access to Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) like UniSwap, PancakeSwap, and ApeSwap, among others. Users can download the application on iOS, Android, and Google Play and begin using it easily.

Where to find Trust Wallet:

Website | Twitter | GitHub | Telegram

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