Tron TRX Comes to BSC and Pancakeswap

Tron Network TRX tokens now on Binance Smart Chain

The year 2021 has been extremely kind to Binance Smart Chain, and particularly it’s biggest decentralized exchange, Pancakeswap. Pancakeswap continues to onboard new projects into the space at a rapid pace, and just announced the release of new farms, this time including BEP-20 tokens from the Tron ecosystem.

Tron is a wildly popular cryptocurrency with over 33 million wallet addresses, so the potential for new opportunities for investors is huge and bridging the two blockchains together is another testament to the ever growing popularity of Binance Smart Chain.

Starting May 8th, users can now yield farm using their Tron $TRX, which is the native token of the Tron family, and also Bittorrent $BTT the token of the world’s largest decentralized file sharing protocol and also $WIN, the utility token for the blockchain gaming platform WINk, both part of the Tron family.

As of May 10th, according to the Tron founder Justin Sun, the total value of the LP staking for the three is over $84 million US dollars. So suffice to say this has been a popular move and will drive forward Pancakeswap and the whole BSC ecosystem even further.

If you would like to read more about Pancakeswap’s announcement, they posted an article on their Medium page and you can see that by going here. The Pancakeswap Tron $TRX pools can be reached by going here. You can also read more about the development on Tron Network’s website by going here.

This is an exciting new development that signals that the Binance Smart Chain is nowhere near done growing.

Source : bsctimes

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