Trippy Trunkz Begin Minting Wild Elephant NFTs

An NFT project with a philanthropic twist, Trippy Tunkz Ivory Club will be looking to capitalize on the recent rise of NFTs on BNB Chain.

Trippy Trunkz Launch Herd of NFTs

Trippy Trunkz Ivory Club launched its mint of 10,000 elephant NFTs that are set to storm the BNB Chain. The project is still in its early days but is looking to gain momentum in the growing BNB Chain NFT space.

The project becomes the latest to launch its mint as BNB Chain begins to see the popularity of its NFT collections rise. The mint is currently live here and users can pick up their own NFTs for as little as 0.09BNB. With philanthropic aims leading the project, a percentage of the relevant minting funds will go toward chosen charities. We spoke to project Founder and Community Wizard Kong Kyle to gain a better understanding of the project:

“We’re working on many things at the moment. With Trippy Trunkz, we wanted to make a project that helped people and animals with ways to earn passive income just from holding NFTs. A large percentage of the mint goes into our Trippy Trunkz Fund and is staked/invested, and the profits are shared with Trunkz holders via BUSD airdrops,” Kong Kyle explained. 


Transparency is a key element in the project, and the team has not only been upfront about where the relevant minting profits will go, they’ve also set down their immediate aims:

They will apply for listing on and

Invest their investment fund in tokens and pools

Give away a part of their charity fund to a selected charity

Start work on TTIC Lottery NFTs

Airdrop Lottery NFTs for TTIC holders of 3 or more

Lottery events will be held every week with a known announcer yielding rewards

They will apply for TTIC listing on Pancakeswap and Galler

They will apply for Liquid Collectibles

They will launch their token $NUTS and create a liquidity pool of $NUTS, and list on a known DEX

Minting Roadmap

The designated roadmap for the mint will see several rewarding checkpoints for willing participants.

0% Minted: Before minting starts, they will airdrop 200 Trippy Trunkz to our team wallet which will be for giveaways and a few for team members.

10% Minted: They will mint 500 TTIC with marketing funds and reward 250 TTIC to early holders. 250 TTIC will be locked for future giveaways and Lottery NFT giveaways.

25% Minted: Giveaway of 2 Trippy Trunkz and 1 BNB.

50% Minted: Giveaway of 4 Trippy Trunkz and 2 BNB.

75% Minted: Giveaway of 6 Trippy Trunkz and 3 BNB.

100% Minted: Giveaway of 10 Trippy Trunkz and 5 BNB.

Trippy Trunkz looks set to make lucrative opportunities and competitions regular as it grows, offering users the chance to collect NFTs from other esteemed collections on BNB Chain. 

“We will also have lottery NFTs (1 for every 3 Trunkz NFT you hold) with weekly giveaways. We are launching our coin after mint too, Peanuts $Nuts!! We also minted 50 PixelSweepers for our Treasury to give more utility to our Trunkz community,” Kong Kyle added regarding opportunities for holders.

Ambition is an important factor for any project to truly perform well, and that ambition has to be stoked into the team’s work ethic. Kong Kyle is truly invested in not only the project but the entire cryptosphere.

“We have big goals for our Trippy Trunkz and I spend every day looking for ways to get more eyes on our project. I had some health issues that knocked me out of the workforce, so crypto is my livelihood. I won’t stop until Trippy Trunkz are a success!”

What is Trippy Trunkz:

Trippy Trunkz Ivory Club is a collection of 10,000 elephant cuties roaming the #BNB chain. They are very cute, but extremely dangerous and badass. They advise all hunters and poachers to watch out!

Their mission is to create an exciting environment for TTIC members with a great community. They claim that users’ NFTs are a membership to participate in the Treasury to receive rewards and take part in a wider mission.

TTIC will have a permanent Charity Fund to help wildlife support organizations, especially those helping elephants. The project extends this mission to help kids in need, as they guide us into the future. They aim to contribute to the preservation of wildlife and to provide a better life for the children.

Where to find Trippy Trunkz:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | 

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