Triple Mining Reward Campaign Hosted by BurgerSwap and Helmet.Insure

HelmetInsure and BurgerSwap are running another mining campaign for their members. While the rewards might be worth it, they are a few terms and conditions that participants need to abide by before they can participate and be rewarded.

HelmetInsure’s Triple Mining Rewards

As per a Twitter announcement made through the official account of HelmetInsure, the BSC-built insurance protocol will be giving out $100,000 worth of $BURGER, $xBURGER, and $BHELMET. This comes in partnership with BakerySwap in their triple mining reward program. Participants who want to be eligible for the rewards must get $hxBURGER through numerous staking opportunities. Those who don’t have a $hxBURGER can get it either through the flash mining on Helmet or from BurgerSwap. On Helmet, users can participate in hTPT-HELMET LPT Mining for approximately 20 days, it launched on Apr. 22. BakerySwap is also distributing $hxBURGER through an airdrop and mining program. Users can farm $hxBurger by staking their BLP tokens into the $hxBURGER farming pool for the next 12 days. The top 500 $xBURGER holders will also receive $hxBURGER recipients of the airdrop.


Once They will be rewarded with $50,000 $BHELMET and $50,000 $BURGER & $xBURGER. Mining will open next Tuesday and will last for 20 days. The farming will take place on the BurgerSwap platform. If the $xBURGER exceeds 0.1BNB, participants can activate them before the expiry date. Alternatively, they can add the $HELMET-$hxBURGER liquidity on PancakeSwap.

About HelmetInsure

According to their Gitbook, HelmetInsure is a peer-to-peer insurance protocol written by option trading logic and allows anyone to easily create an insurance policy in the market. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, it protects DeFi users from price fluctuation risks. However, it doesn’t provide the solution to the issue of “code attack risk.” Since Helmeters must migrate to their LPT by themselves, those who need clarification regarding the LPT PancakeSwap migration can check out the dedicated medium or seek clarification on any other issue via their telegram channel. Binance provided more funds for Helmet’s initiative for a more competitive insurance protocol for cross-chain and on-chain trading last month.

More on BurgerSwap

BurgerSwap is a decentralized automated market maker built on the Binance Smart Chain network. Through $BURGER (the community’s governance token), holders can vote for proposals, initiate proposals or alter the BurgerSwap protocol structure. As a decentralized exchange with the highest 24-hour trading volume, BurgerSwap ranks among the top seven decentralized exchanges across the globe. With their extremely cheap fees and seamless transaction times, BurgerSwap makes it easy for dApps to interact with each other.

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