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BSC.NEWS hosts Tree Defi–The Eco-Friendly Yield Farming community on BSC. All questions answered by @Blood Tree

Lola (AMA HOST): Hello!

You’re welcome

Blood Tree: Thanks for having us

Lola (AMA HOST): How’re you doing today?

Blood Tree: Doing good, I’m excited to be here finally. We’ve been waiting for this for a few weeks haha

How are you

Lola (AMA HOST): Glad to have you here. 😊

I’m good.

Shall we set the ball rolling?

Blood Tree: Yup, let’s get it crackin

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and Tree Defi? Could you tell us your role in the project and briefly introduce Tree Defi?

Blood Tree: Hello, I’m blood tree, one of the founders of TreeDefi, a Yield Farming project that focuses on deflationary tokenomics, real life NFT implementation and planting real trees around the world through deposit fees

My main role in the team is partnership, marketing and community management. I also love doing graphics for the project, writing articles and making youtube videos. It’s still work but I have a lot of fun with it so it almost feels like a hobby

And yeah, we treat every day as a new challenge and we love developing new skills through this opportunity offered to us by Defi

Lola (AMA HOST): Having so many skills. How do you manage them?

Blood Tree: Multitasking and lots of caffeine

Everyone is like this on our team, we’re a bunch of sleepless maniacs

Lola (AMA HOST): Good one there!

Q2. How many team members do you have working with you? And can you also tell us their roles?

Blood Tree: We are currently 8 members, without counting the supporters we’ve recruited from our group, which help us with spreading the word about the project, some twitter management, community graphics and user support. It’s amazing to already have members from the community that we can trust when we’re overwhelmed by work

As far the main team goes we’re all coming from the startup world, having worked with countless projects and companies, so everyone is crafty with several skills required for this project, and we push each other to new limits every day

Everyone has an area they specialize in though, some are solidity and react developers, some work on UX/UI frontend changes, some marketing and community management and some research the landscape constantly and try to implement new innovative ideas. And we all try to learn from each other’s specialty

Hope that answers it 😄

Lola (AMA HOST): Sure it does!

Q3. What are the major challenges of Tree Defi and how do you intend to solve them.

Blood Tree: The Defi world in general is a challenge in itself haha

It’s very hard to start a project and get it running. Once you get it running it’s hard to stabilize from the unavoidable initial pump and dump, and once you get through that you need a consistent schedule of updates to keep the ball running

The landscape is a non stop 24/7 365 days endeavour. Everything is in constant motion and everything your competitors do affects you too. Those previous points made the past month a bit of a living hell for us, having no free days, no proper sleep and no proper relationships with people in real life. But we’re never gonna stop. Seeing the community excited when we release something is much more rewarding than any vacation we could take

We’ve also overcome some minor hurdles during launch, but our community stood strong with us through it all, never flinching. We’re blessed to have such a supportive userbase ❤️

Q4. How does staking works? And what’s the reward Percentage? And can you tell us about your Audit?

Blood Tree:

Users have the opportunity to stake their SEED and TREE into our farms and pools, along with other tokens of their choice, including the ones from our partners. Since the project is young the rewards are still quite high, having over 1500% APR in some of our farms. We’ve also included a limited time pool where users can receive TREE as a reward (our capped token, with a supply of 16001 TREE). We’re always improving our farms and tweaking them for our users’ enjoyment and to stabilize tokenomics when needed.

Our audit was done by TechRate, a very respectable firm that has helped other large projects like Swamp in the past. They’ve been very kind to us, well priced and professional. They even went through phone calls with us to look into our contracts in detail and explain everything they do to us. It’s been a great experience and we recommend them.

If you wanna check the audit out it’s in our menu on our app at

Q5. I learnt you would love to have partnerships with other Defi projects. Can you tell us which you’ve been looking at And why would you love to partner with them?

Blood Tree: Of course, we’ve already partnered up with Slime Finance and Blueswap. Both have been great experiences, and we’re in touch with Slime everyday, trying to organize new things in the future

Lola (AMA HOST): That’s good to hear. How about Blueswap? How has it helped Tree Defi?

Blood Tree: And that’s how partnerships should be in our opinion. In Defi, partnerships generally last one day before they fade away and only consist of a crossed pool or something along those lines. We’re trying to do more with them

Blue have been nice to us, they’ve just sent us a proposal a few days ago where they would like to include us into one of their new features

Lola (AMA HOST): Great

Blood Tree: And I like their graphics in general haha

We’ve also launched a partnership with Soteria Finance, which now offers insurance cover for our project

Lola (AMA HOST): a Graphic Person. 😅

Blood Tree: Yes, I’m very picky with that stuff haha

Lola (AMA HOST): Good.

Blood Tree: And yeah in general more partnerships are coming. And we’re in talks with other players that we think will re-shape Defi along with us in the next year

Q6. Can you tell us Tree Huggers Reward Program?

Blood Tree: Yes, I love the tree huggers program

It’s a program where we reward the most active and helpful members of our community with TREE to put it simply. Each week we will start a poll with the 10 most active members of the week. 3 members will be picked by the community and 2 members will be picked by admins. They will receive 1 TREE each, a Tree Hugger name tag and will be included in our TreeHouse telegram group, where we work with our most helpful members on community management, marketing and development of new features

At the end of the month there will be a huge giveaway for Tree Huggers where 3 random members will receive:




It’s a good way to keep our best members close to us

Lola (AMA HOST): Yes you’re right.

Q7. What Future Development and Plannings do you have?

Blood Tree: Right now we are working hard on deploying our TreeDefi Games, which will include: Green Wheel, Lottery and King of the Forest. We’re trying really hard to launch them this week but they require a lot of testing to avoid any bugs both in the contract and frontend

We’re also working on our new version of the frontend, which will be built fully from scratch and separate from the Pancake interface. And we hope that will make our presentation even cleaner and more appealing to investors. We’re also working on more tree donations, and new NPOs that we could partner with to donate in more creative ways

Lola (AMA HOST): Great. And that takes me to next question

Q8. Can you tell us about the three donations that’s going on in Tree Defi?

Blood Tree: Of course, tree donations are our bread and butter. We’ve started the project with the goal of planting as many trees as possible. We thought this would be a good way to give Defi a real world application that is usually missing from these projects.

As of now we’ve planted over $7000 worth of trees during the first month of the project, and we’re gonna keep donating more and more every week moving forward. The way it works is that we currently use ⅓ of deposit fees to plant real trees around the world. In the future we’ll find new ways to improve this system and donate more

We’re thinking of a way of letting users donate individually through us if they wanna represent TreeDefi. We’re also thinking of doing fundraisers for other types of good causes in the future, and different ways to include NPOs into the world of Defi. We think it’s often overlooked and just something that we and the community love to do!

Lola (AMA HOST): I’m liking your done with tree symbol. Haha

Blood Tree: Yes I need to keep my text alignment consistent haha

Lola (AMA HOST): 👍😊

Q9. Can you tell the Community about the Seed in Tree Defi

Blood Tree: Absolutely, SEED is basically the main engine running our Yield Farms

It is a token that is uncapped but deflationary in nature. The starting emission rate is 0.15 SEED per BSC Block, and it deflates by 2% each week. Currently it has already lowered to 0.144

This means that eventually our token output will start slowing down and SEED supply will become more and more scarce. And this is without taking into account the burning mechanisms that we will implement shortly through games, and the occasional celebratory manual burn. SEED is used for most of our farms and it is therefore our main reward for users on the platform. TREE on the other hand is our capped token with a supply of only 16001 TREE. So it’s the rare token of our platform.

And TREE is also used for Governance

Lola (AMA HOST): Okay.

Why this emoji? 😉

Let’s promote Tree Defi 😊

Blood Tree: haha I love that one, it confuses people

Lola (AMA HOST):  Haha. Okay. No problem

Q10. Share with us all the links about Tree Defi, so that readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.

Blood Tree: Here are all of our important links:







If you wanna get in touch with us directly the best way is through Telegram, that’s where we’re active all day long

Lola (AMA HOST): Noted

Q11. Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy news for us in BSC News today?

Blood Tree: Haha, we don’t like spoiling future updates too much. But we do have our NFT system coming out very soon. We just launched a front end sneak peek today on our platform. Any curious BSC News users can go on and check it out. The way it works is that our NFTrees are directly connected to real life trees that we planted.

Investors that purchase the NFT will get a lot of statistics about their tree, including: Name & Scientific Name, Date of Birth, Country of Origin, Place of Birth, Longitude and Latitude, Proof of planting and the CO2 removed by their tree. We’re also planning on releasing a map where users can connect with their wallet and see Their trees around the world in a clean interface.

Lola (AMA HOST): Great.

Now we’ve come to the end of the First round.

It was a really a nice session. Thanks @bloodtree 😊

Blood Tree: Thank you for all of the great questions, they were fun to answer! 😊

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