TreasureKey – A Premier Gambling Game on BSC and Polygon

The protocol offers a variety of odds-based games for players to try their luck.

Introducing TreasureKey

TreasureKey is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) casino-style protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon. The platform is made up of a variety of decentralized casino-style games that use smart contracts to ensure an equal and fair experience. TreasureKey is currently the top gambling application on BSC according to Dappradar. They are among the top gambling dApps on Polygon right now as well.

Their goal is to be the most transparent and fair casino powered by smart contracts on the blockchain. They aim to be fully open-sourced by September. Many projects have started integrating their games onto their own platform. Some of the projects include AutoSharkCafeSwapBabySwapJetSwapQuai, and TenguSwap just to name a few. TreasureKey currently offers free SAAS integrations for BSC projects by inputting an iFrame.

List of Games on BSC 

Coin Flip

Barbell Roll


Dice It

More games like Treasure Chest, Casino War, Blackjack, and Poker are coming soon

They also have a jackpot element where users playing the games have a chance of winning $PIRATE and $PIRATEP, the native tokens of TreasureKey.

Fairness and Security

TreasureKey is the only DeFi casino to undergo a Certik full audit. While the Certik audit is still in progress, TreasureKey has already completed a full audit by WatchPug.

The official contact address for the PIRATE token is:


TreasureKey has also integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to ensure that all odds and rolls in their games are fair and non-tampered. Chainlink also featured their project on Twitter.
Read more about Chainlink integration on their Medium.

TreasureKey Games

Coin Flip: A simple coin flip game where players have a 50/50 chance of winning. For every bet, TreasureKey will reward users with 1.98x of their bet if they are winners.

Barbell Roll: A simple range selection game, where players predict the range where a number will fall. Players can win more by selecting a smaller range they believe the number will fall. The maximum payout is 19x of the bet.

Roulette: Players select a number on a roulette wheel with 35 slots. If the player selects the correct number, they will win 35x their bet.

Dice It: Players select the side of the die they think will be face up. If they are correct, they win 5.94x of their bet.

Tokenomics (BSC)

From the official TreasureKey tokenomics:

$PIRATE token holders will
(1) Receive profit sharing from house games
(2) Have 0% wealth tax when used for games and higher odds
(3) Participate in voting and governance on BSC
(4) Participate in exclusive game like Treasure Chest
(5) Access to Wallet Watcher feature on Treasure Chest

A total of 7,250,000 $PIRATE exist now on BSC and no more $PIRATE will ever be minted on BSC. The tokens are deflationary and have a fixed supply.

Concluding Thoughts

TreasureKey steps into the GameFi space with simple but engaging casino games that could appeal to a wide audience. Thanks to their integration of the reputable Chainlink VRF, their games are fair to players in terms of successful gambling. Crypto enthusiasts looking for a blockchain-based way to scratch a gambling urge may find a home with the PIRATE crew.

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