Tranchess Launch Educational Resource: ‘TranchessWiki’

TranchessWiki is a collection of articles, explainers, tutorials, and project information that covers wide-ranging topics in the Tranchess ecosystem

Education is Key

Tranchess has shifted its focus on education with its launch of TranchessWiki, a one-stop resource center for educating anyone that wishes to learn about the Tranchess ecosystem. 

The resource center has topics ranging from general articles to very specific information on yield farming strategies to its audit reports. Tranchess is a protocol that helps its users to better manage their portfolios while making crypto investments. 

TranchessWiki is one of the project’s milestones in Q2 2022. The education resource center is part of Phase 3, an expansion phase. The other milestones in Phase 3 include the launch and implementation of TranchessDao, Tranchess V2 revamp, stablepool, multichain expansion, and an NFT ecosystem.      

Source: TranchessWiki is one of the team’s milestones planned for launch before Q3 2022 and was well executed.

Informed Crypto Community

The timely launch of a resource center equips the users on Tranchess with the proper knowledge. Community members can capitalize on the suite of services, tools, and products through proper and structured education.   

Source: DALBAR’s 23rd Annual Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior shows individual investors generally underperform if compared to the S & P 500.

Individual investors are generally disadvantaged because of their poor access to information, bad investment strategies, and the lack of investment toolkits essential for making informed investment decisions. TranchessWiki is the first step towards educating an average investor in crypto investments. 

Source: Tranchess is an essential toolkit for investors to track the performance of their portfolio and to maximize profit through yield-enhancing strategies 

The resource center has various strategies that cater to different risk appetites. TVL on Tranches has dropped from $1.75 billion in Q4 2021 but will likely recover when the broader crypto market recovers. 

What is Tranchess

Tranchess is a yield-enhancing asset tracker protocol with varied risk-return solutions. Tranchess explains its facets were first put together in early 2020, and it was developed quickly into its current state. Tranchess aims to provide a different risk/return matrix out of a single main fund that tracks a specific underlying asset (e.g., BTC), inspired by tranche funds’ ability to satisfy users’ varying risk appetites.

Tranchess states its vision is to empower users of DeFi with asset allocation flexibilities. They hope to be a long-term solution for long-term holders of crypto assets. 

Where to find Tranchess:

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