Tranchess Completes Full Launch and Garners Further Attention From 3 Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu

Tranchess fully launches, bringing what many claim is a hugely rewarding financial model to the DeFi ecosystem.

Fully Launched

The innovative digital asset management protocol surpassed 1000 bitcoin (BTC) in total value locked (TVL) following the recent news. On July 21, in preparation for the full launch, the protocol removed all cap limits, setting the stage for the protocol to surpass 1000 BTC in TVL.

Tranchess announced that they had completed their full launch on July 22nd via an official Tweet. The protocol has major investors, including Three Arrows CapitalBinance Labs, LongHash, and Spartan Group. 

“The Tranchess team are intellectual powerhouses with strong tech and finance backgrounds, and located across several continents,” tweeted Zhu Su, founder of Three Arrows. “Rather than farming in a dual-asset (BTCB-USDC) pool, users can choose to stake one or both of the single-asset pools – avoiding impermanent loss.”


Tranchess is a powerful and unique DeFi protocol focusing on earning a passive income while leveraging digital assets like bitcoin without risk of impermanent loss. The finance protocol recently held a seed round, raising $1.5 million from notable firms including Three Arrows Capital and Sparta Group

“If you are holding BTC, create the Queen token. If you are holding USDC, create the Bishop token,” Su continued in his Twitter thread. “You can also go leveraged long on BTC via the Rook token. Unlike with perps, there’s no forced liquidation nor funding cost spike.”


Su’s support of Tranchess is not surprising, seeing how his firm is largely invested in the platform. However, a crypto veteran such as Zhu Su is successful because he has time and time again put his faith in strong projects with real use cases. Tranchess, he believes, has tremendous value in the benefit to investors that the protocol can bring. 

What is Tranchess? 

According to Tranchess, the protocol is a tokenized asset management and derivatives trading platform. 

Tranches’s innovation comes from a ‘main fund’ that tracks an underlying asset, such as bitcoin. This ‘main fund’ can be split into two ‘sub funds’ with different user benefits.

With Tranchess, there exist three primary tranche tokens that users must create. Tranchess’s tokens include the QUEEN, BISHOP, and ROOK token. There is also a governance token: CHESS. Each token can be used to fit the desired investment approach the investor would like to take. 

The QUEEN token is for the long-term crypto asset holders, which offers yield farming and represents the bitcoin tracking main fund. The sub-funds are the BISHOP and ROOK. The BISHOP token can be used for investors who wish to earn a stable returning yield whereas the ROOK token is used for leveraged asset trading. 

The Tranchess protocol looks well poised to usher in a new financial model that promises big rewards with diversification. They have been audited by both Certik and PeckShield, two leading security groups on Binance Smart Chain.

 The platform also aims to provide a place where both a novice investor and a highly sophisticated crypto investor can take advantage of high returns on popular cryptocurrencies.

To learn more on how Tranchess works and how they look to revolutionize the crypto space, click here to check out their whitepaper.  

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