Train Your ‘Dragon’ In Real Life With Dragon Mainland, Immersive 3D Encrypted Collection Game

Dragon Mainland, the Play-to-Earn NFT Game, blends NFTs, DeFi, and gaming into a rich, completely immersive 3D game.


Dragon Mainland is a password-protected collection game that features PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment) warfare, advanced breeding, free trade, and collection development. Players can continuously strengthen and trade their dragons in the game, which was inspired by “How to Train Your Dragon.” The dragons are free to battle or reproduce, and players can earn tokens on Dragon Mainland during the game.


Since ancient times, people have been collecting dragons, domesticating dragons, and controlling or driving dragons to fight. Dragons are viewed as challenges by humans who desire to be able to control and display their own power. As a result, getting involved in the training of a dragon is always exciting for everyone.

Furthermore, the advancement of blockchain technology has resulted in the emergence of NFT. The introduction of NFT, a digital collection with a value scale, has ushered in a new era in which players can completely rely on independent, anti-censorship, untrusted, and transparent entities, such as the code on the smart contract and the files stored on the blockchain, to issue assets and maintain the rarity of their items.

NFT is a new carrier in the future game industry, and DeFi is a new economy in the future game system, offering a trustworthy and intelligent economic ecology for the game ecosystem. Dragon Mainland uses blockchain technology to combine the concepts of “NFT + DeFi.” Finally, through the ecosystem of income aggregators, liquidity mining, and “NFTs + DeFi + games,” the Dragon Mainland gamefi ecosystem was born.


Dragon Mainland is a blockchain game with multiple chains that is entirely based on current blockchain technology. It features extensive gameplay, a completely fair and open trading market, an investment market, and an ecological encryption game. Players no longer need to rely on a trusted third party; instead, they may rely entirely on smart contract code that is independent, anti-censorship, trustless, and transparent.

Dragon Mainland will create an ecosystem based on a community-driven combination of “NFTs + DeFi + Games.” To create a gamefi system, present financial products as games, gamify DeFi applications and combine DeFi and games using NFTs (integrate financial products into the game Ecology). Gamefi’s infrastructure, which includes a revenue aggregator, liquidity mining, and “NFTs + DeFi + Games,” will not only provide the finest liquidity mining income strategy for users, but will also provide different NFTs for users to improve dragons and trade.


Each dragon has its own genome, which not only defines all of the dragon’s abilities and characteristics. Each dragon’s outward form will also be determined. The genome’s composition is derived from biological science’s genetics, and it is made up of a smart contract code base that is equivalent to a large gene base.


The game’s ecosystem must be balanced and meet the following conditions in order to become a fair and equitable crypto collecting game:

In order to prevent dragon proliferation, game mechanisms should limit the number of dragons that can be created.

It should follow the meritocracy laws of nature, and dragons with insufficient characteristics should be extinguished.

In terms of acquiring tokens, individuals who enter the game early should have an edge over those who join later.

There should not be a single winning approach that gives players the upper hand all of the time.


Only platform-related NFTs, such as Dragons, Dragon skulls, Land, and other props, can be traded on the marketplace. Smart contracts will be used to carry out all market transactions and auctions, and they will be directly written to the chain. Their goal is to create a fair and equitable market that allows platform users to freely trade in-game assets. This market also has the added benefit of automatically incorporating economic supply and demand principles into the system, allowing the community to determine appropriate pricing for game assets held by players. 

Liquidity Mining

The Dragon Mainland GameFi ecosystem would be incomplete without the income aggregator. It combines Dragon Skull NFTs with games based on the DeFi ecosystem’s unique liquidity mining approach. By liquid mining, opening blind boxes, and NFTs, Dragon Mainland’s infrastructure will provide the finest liquid mining revenue strategy for users.

The revenue aggregator of Dragon Mainland integrates a series of smart contracts with optimized liquidity mining strategies in order to provide the best returns to liquidity providers and will use the best automatic compound interest strategy to automatically seek the best return strategy for users. The income aggregator Dragon Mainland will support both the Single Token and LP token mining strategies.


There are two tokens in the Dragon Mainland: DMS (Dragon Mainland Shards) and DMP (Dragon Miracle Potion). 

Dragon Mainland Shards

DMS Usecases

Dragon Mainland Shards (DMS) are Dragon Mainland’s Eco-Tokens, which can be used in the following scenes:

Payment for dragons, dragon skulls, Stamina Potions, and other items on the marketplace in online transactions.

Gamers can employ DMS to aid in the breeding and cultivation of dragons in the game.

Holders of DMS tokens will be able to vote in platform governance elections by staking their tokens.

Users will be able to stake DMS in order to receive weekly incentives.

Liquidity mining: Users can earn DMS tokens by providing DMS liquidity to the revenue aggregator.

The platform will use the revenues from the Marketplace to repurchase the market’s DMS.

DMS Distribution

DMS has a total quantity of 1,000,000,000 and no more will be released. The Genesis Dragon Egg will be released 60 months after the Genesis Dragon Egg.

Mining Rewards: 45%

Foundation Reserve: 15%

Team: 21%

Advisor: 4%

Sale: 15%

How to earn DMS?

DMS has a total quantity of 1,000,000,000 and no more will be released. The Genesis Dragon Egg will be released 60 months after the Genesis Dragon Egg.

DMS can be obtained in a variety of ways:

Play to earn: Gamers can earn DMS with completed missions, official events, fighting in battle, etc. 

Stale to earn

Staking for mining

Provide LP token liquidity to the revenue aggregator 

Provide liquidity of a single currency

Dragon Miracle Potion

Dragon Miracle Potion (DMP) tokens are functional tokens provided by Dragon Mainland that are required props for every two-dragon breeding. Each mating requires a specific quantity of DMP to be destroyed, and the amount of DMP required grows exponentially as the frequency of dragon breeding rises. The overall quantity of DMP will have no maximum limit, and it will be distributed as a prize to users after they complete a level in the game.

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