Trader Joe on BNB Chain: SecondLive Partners With JoePegs NFTs

The Trader Joe ecosystem is already making its presence felt on BNB Chain. Joepegs NFT Marketplace is partnering with the SecondLive metaverse project.

Trader Joe, Joepegs Making a Splash on BNB Chain

The SecondLive Metaverse project is teaming up with Joepegs NFT Marketplace. This is one of the first big moves involving the Trader Joe ecosystem since the announcement that the top-ranked DEX and NFT Marketplace on Avalanche is expanding to BNB Chain.

The details of the partnership were not disclosed, but in a Jan. 19 tweet, SecondLive referred to Joepeg’s “bespoke minting and marketing services.”

In addition to the Battle of the DEXes that is coalescing on BNB Chain — with participants including PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Trader Joe, Baby Doge Swap, Wombat Exchange and others — competition is heating up in the NFT space, with the recent entrances of OpenSea and, soon, Joepegs.

What Is SecondLive:

‌‌SecondLive is a “Diverse 3D Virtual Space” where you become your ideal virtual avatar and do many real-life things in different spaces, such as virtual exhibitions, singing and dancing, shopping, and handling business. Users can use their SecondLive Avatar to make their own content and profit from their creations.

Where to find SecondLive:

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord |

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