TQAid Sparks Social Responsibility Movement Transcending the Metaverse

The PlayToGive group has helped numerous communities in the Philippines thanks to blockchain gaming.


In an industry where PlayToEarn is the norm, a charity movement called TQAid has been using blockchain gaming to PlayToGive and help build communities outside the metaverse.

The guild has been involved with generous toy drives and selfless typhoon relief operations, and even coordinated with a blockchain gaming company to sponsor a local football team. Blockchain games, NFT art sales, and various donations fund these outreach activities.

“I believe we’re not meant to be here solely for monetary gains,” Trap Queen, head of TQAid, told BSCNews. “I live in a country where it’s not that hard to find people I can help. I always had this trait of giving since I was young. I just brought it with me in the metaverse, being myself and hopefully inspiring others to join.”


Trap Queen (TQ) is a blockchain gaming influencer that also heads a group called Patootie Kingdom, where the communities she works with are usually near where her members are located. TQ asks gaming projects willing to collaborate with her to donate to TQAid, or help build her community partners.

“TQAid programs show unexceptional love to your community,” guild member Baan said. “I’ve been in an organization that helps people by doing some feeding programs, clean up drives and more. TQAid shows us that we can help more people.”

Source: TQAid

TQ hopes that in the future, more people in the Web3 scene consider outreach activities in underprivileged areas. Sharing just a fraction of the wealth they flex online can make an impact. 

“This sets the culture of our community,” TQ said. “We need to preserve the morals that encourage a better future. TQaid is long term. It is not a seasonal thing, It’s an everyday thing.”

Source : bsc.news

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