TOWER NFT sales on Binance NFT start 5 November 2021!

The TOWER project will launch a series of NFT sales in a TOWER Premium Event on Binance NFT! Starting at 11 a.m. (UTC) on 5 November 2021, you will be able to purchase TOWER NFTs that can be used in the upcoming TOWER blockchain game, and that also include content for the existing Crazy Defense Heroes mobile game!

TOWER is very proud to work with Binance NFT as we build an exciting blockchain tower defense game that will deliver GameFi and true digital property rights to players. If you love NFTs and our tower defense games, you will want to participate in these exclusive NFT sales!

Binance NFT Premium Event Sales Details

There will be two types of NFTs sold during this Binance NFT Premium Event: TOWER Tickets and TOWER Mystery Boxes.

NFT Sale Landing:

TOWER Tickets

Three tiers of TOWER Tickets are available: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Owners of TOWER Tickets will be able to redeem Game Card NFTs for the upcoming TOWER blockchain game, and will also be able to redeem game items for the existing Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) mobile game.

Crazy Defense Heroes is a free-to-play tower defense mobile game with millions of downloads. Players can develop their own defensive strategy by using a wide arsenal of towers, spells, heroes, and equipment.

Playing CDH and achieving specific milestones allows you to earn TOWER tokens! CDH holds play-to-earn events every month — learn about the latest event at:

Not playing yet? What are you waiting for — Download Crazy Defense Heroes now!

One CDH User ID can redeem mobile game items from a maximum of 3 Gold, 3 Silver, and 3 Bronze Tickets. With these complementary mobile game items, you can progress much faster in our Play-to-Earn events!

The Game Card NFTs redeemed from TOWER Tickets will have different utilities from those that can be obtained from the TOWER Chests (for more information about TOWER Chests, please read this article)

*More details about the Game Card NFTs from TOWER Tickets will be announced soon.

TOWER Mystery Box

Each TOWER Mystery Box contains an Avatar Skin NFT that lets you have a unique Avatar appearance in the upcoming TOWER blockchain game.

There are a total of 16 medieval fantasy-inspired Skins for your Avatar ranked in rarities of SSR, SR, R, and N, with SSR being the most valuable and rare.

Check the collection here:

14,550 Mystery Boxes will be available for purchase, and 450 boxes will be given away in TOWER Token and Binance NFT community campaigns. Each Binance NFT user can purchase a maximum of 20 Mystery Boxes.

Collector Campaign

Attention, collectors: buyers who complete a specific collection of Avatar Skin NFTs within a set time frame will be airdropped two very special limited-edition Avatar Skin NFTs!

That’s right! To reward meticulous collectors of Avatar Skins, every Binance NFT user who collects all 16 different avatar skins before 11:59:59 p.m. (UTC) on 14 November 2021 will be airdropped 2 newly designed SSR-ranked Avatar Skin NFTs (1 female and 1 male). The designs are as below:

Left: Soul Harvester, Right: Phantom Queen

Please note that each account can receive a maximum of 1 male and 1 female limited edition SSR Avatar Skin NFTs. On 15–16 November, 2021, Binance will take a snapshot of your Avatar Skin NFT collection to check if you possess all 16 Avatar Skin NFTs. The exclusive SSR Avatar Skin NFTs will only be distributed once based on that snapshot, and distribution will be done within 7 working days after the snapshot. If you want the limited-edition skins, DO NOT withdraw your Avatar Skin NFTs from Binance NFT before the airdrop happens.

Important notes:

The TOWER x Binance NFT Premium Event NFT sales start at 11 a.m. (UTC) on 5 November 2021. All items will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

The sales will be held in Binance NFT. Please get your Binance account with BUSD ready to participate.

Any questions, give us a shout!

You can find out more about TOWER Token over at the official Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels and reach out to us for any questions or comments!


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