Top NFT Sale’s on Binance Smart Chain from 2021

NFT was the key word of 2021 for people in and out of crypto, and we take a lengthy look at some of the most popular pieces on BSC this year.

The Year’s Top BSC NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens have enjoyed a good deal of limelight throughout the year, and this was emphasized when ‘NFT’ was crowned word of the year by the Collins Dictionary.

Binance has been busy attempting to muscle in on an incredibly competitive NFT marketplace. Despite finding it difficult to move against some of the success enjoyed by Ethereum and Solana, there were plenty of success stories, some of which are highlighted below. 


One of the most highly anticipated NFT drops of the year came from PancakeSwap, who saw record times in minting by users hoping to get their hands on the exclusive new NFTs. 

Pancake Squad #337 will have made one particular user very happy indeed as the hugely rare balloon-like NFT fetched nearly half a million dollars at the time (999BNB).

Pancake Squad #372, which you’ll recognize as resembling the timeless Pokemon character Pikachu, didn’t lag too far behind, taking in a staggering 750BNB. 

Source: PancakeSquad #337

The NFT drop didn’t disappoint in terms of initial excitement, with many in the BSC community seeing the sale as a new dawn in NFT success for BSC. Sales and indeed volume did seem to slow up as the weeks progressed, but this is undoubtedly a collection for the long haul as many who bought initially appear to be in no rush to sell. 

Pancake Bunnies also saw important interest as the earlier release even culminated in some highly lucrative purchases. An added impetus for owning certain NFTs in this collection was that they guaranteed early participation in the Pancake Squad release. One ‘Baller’ sold for 199BNB, over $108,000 at the time. We can only hope the purchase served the buyer with yet more good luck in the Pancake Squad minting. 

Source: Pancake Bunnies Baller

Bakery Swap

Believe it or not, PancakeSwap does not hold the crown for the highest fee an NFT has precipitated. That accolade belongs to Bakery Swap’s now almost legendary Combo’s.

Bakery Swap’s Combo #128 went for an incredible 115,000BAKE back in June, which equaled $458,000 at the time of purchase. 

Source: Bakery Swap

Binance Smart Chain was proud of the success enjoyed by Bakery Swap and will no doubt hope to replicate some of the figures achieved this term in the coming year. Whether anyone will be able to lay down a challenge to the huge sum Combo #128 went for remains to be seen, but it is also important to remember that collections with long-lasting credibility may yet see positive fluctuations in price in the coming year. 


Another influential project dropping important NFTs this year was ApeSwap, which saw interest abound from crypto investors and certainly turned heads with the auction of their Colossal Ape NFT.

As late as October, the Colossal Ape went for 326.969BNB, which was the equivalent of somewhere in the remit of $138,000. 

Source: ApeSwap

The fee was enough for ApeSwap to begin asking what the highest figure has been for a previous NFT, and while the question may be premature, they can’t be blamed for the enthusiasm after such an impressive sum. 

This wasn’t the only NFT success for ApeSwap, who saw huge interest in their Non-Fungible Ape collection. The cryptographically generated set of 1,000 unique digital apes was highly sought after, with #776 sold for 219.3BNB or $84,550 at the time of sale.

Polka City

Perhaps the more left-field inclusion on the list is that of the metaverse Polka City that offers users the chance to invest in virtual cities. Powered by both BSC and Ethereum this is a cheekier inclusion, but a Shopping Center NFT purchase certainly caught the eye. The transaction, clear here on BSC Scan, saw the transfer of 192BNB or over $104,000 at the time. 

Source: Polka City

We are all aware of the huge interest in the idea of the metaverse that the back-end of 2021 enjoyed, it will be of no surprise if this trend is to continue into the coming year. With NFTb already initiating the largest NFT metaverse sale just a month ago, it seems there is much excitement ahead.

Looking Forward

So what does the future have in store for NFTs on BSC? If we are to follow the kind trajectory seen from 2020 to 2021, there is a great deal to be excited about, but perspective is precious, and we have come a long way. 

It certainly has been some year for NFTs, and certainly those on Binance. If you need any clearer indication, take a look at this tweet from the summer of 2020 to get a little perspective on just how wild 2021 has been:

Where the next record-breaking NFTs will herald from on BSC is not clear, but it seems as though metaverse projects do indeed have much to offer. Those holding tight to their Pancake Squad NFTs will also be hoping for another upsurge, which will likely depend on the kind of utility PancakeSwap can generate. On the whole, this has been a year to remember for BSC, and who knows the kind of NFT collections that are still to come!

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