Top MVB IV Projects Appear for YouTube Summit

The event features four top projects in the Decentralized Finance space part of the Binance Most Valuable Builder IV program.

Most Valuable Builders Summit 

On the Web3Wire YouTube channelBSC News hosted four top projects building on BNB Chain. In addition, core team members from all featured projects were available to discuss their protocols’ offerings during the event—Most Valuable Builders (MVB) IV Summit. As the name implies, the event comprises projects part of the MVB program, powered by Binance

Alex, founder of Wombat Exchange, Jerry, CMO of Zecrey, Simon from Metasset, and Eskil, co-founder of Go+ Security, were available to discuss their projects’ plans across the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The event went live on March 9 and lasted for over an hour. First, the representatives introduced their projects before being questioned by our host, Tom. 

The questions focused on what being part of the MVB IV program means for each protocol, the program’s benefits, their chances of success in the industry, suggestions for other projects who want to enroll, and more. 

“For Zecrey, it’s an honor. It’s great publicity. Our project gets more exposure so that more people can try out and find out for themselves how much quality of life that it would bring to their blockchain experience,” Jerry said when asked what the Binance MVB program means for the Zecrey community. 

Other representatives also spoke excitedly about being part of the Binance innovative program. They also talked about what other protocols need to do to become part of the MVB IV program. Go over to the Web3Wire YouTube channel to watch the entire conversation. 

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