Top DeFi Portfolio Trackers for Binance Smart Chain Users

Here we outline portfolio trackers for various types of Binance Smart Chain users.

Introduction to Portfolio Trackers

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is full of tools that can help a crypto user become a better investor. A DeFi portfolio tracker is one of the many tools a good DeFi user will adopt in order to better manage assets.

Portfolio trackers allow DeFi users to safely input their crypto wallet address in a third-party platform to keep track of the assets linked to the address. The portfolio tracker consolidates all the data onto one platform. These trackers eliminate any need for crypto users to check all the different platforms and manually monitor their assets. 

Picking a portfolio tracker can be tricky as not all portfolio trackers are made alike. With more decentralized apps appearing across more and more blockchains, the need for customized, accurate trackers is becoming imperative. Choosing the right tracker is a vital decision for every DeFi user. 

Here in this article, we will outline five of the best portfolio trackers for Binance Smart Chain users. 


Built by Apes, for Apes, the first tracker on the list is the jungle favorite. The entire ApeBoard is built to cater to the needs of each user. The whole application is very well put together, like nearly everything from the ApeSwap team.

The ApeBoard is built by the team at ApeSwap and is a dashboard with several useful tools and an NFT Gallery. The ApeBoard supports over fifteen different chains. The board supports Binance Smart Chain, Terra, Solana, Binance Exchange, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos, Ronin, Avalanche, and more. 


The ApeBoard runs best with Binance Smart Chain, the native chain of ApeSwap. At times, the portfolio dashboard has difficulty retrieving data when connecting to many of the over 200 supported protocols and numerous chains. The dashboard includes a shredder function to help allocate different assets into consolidated LPs. 

The ApeBoard recently added a cross-chain bridge, ApeBridge, to facilitate easier asset movement. The bridges work together with Allbridge, AnySwap, and many other bridges across DeFi to help connect all the chains. The ApeBridge even gives an estimated time that each bridge action should take. 

Dapp Radar Portfolio Dapp 

The portfolio from the team at Dapp Radar supports Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum wallets. Like most portfolio applications, it gives users a few different tools and features to interact with and view their assets.

The app works best for users with NFT collections on either Ethereum, BSC, or Solana. There is a price estimator for NFTs that will show the prices for over twenty different collections, including Bored Apes, Crypto Punks, Stoner Cats, Vee Friends, and more. 


The portfolio is limited in the assets it retrieves, often showing what appears only in the wallet. For users who spread their assets across different protocols, it will likely not show those amounts. Basically, this is not the portfolio tracker for DeFi Degens. 

An Airdrops section also allows users quick and easy wallet integration to a running queue of airdrops on the Dapp Radar website. Every few days, hundreds of dollars are up for grabs. 

All in all, the Dapp Radar portfolio lags behind some of the other trackers regarding BSC capabilities. 


Based from Singapore and run directly by private membership proven through work on GitHub, Debank is one of the most comprehensive portfolio trackers in DeFi. 

The Debank portfolio does not have as many tools as some other trackers, but the interface does not need it. The design feels like something from Apple Computers. The Debank interface is smooth, simple, and attractive. Users can find everything they need in a clear presentation. 


The dashboard handles over seventeen different blockchains on over 836 protocols. Furthermore, the token swap retrieves from over 20 different AMMs. Users can even custom add tokens into their wallets too. 

There is an NFT Gallery plus a cleaner transaction history that is more legible than what can be found on BscScan. A few different personalization functions allow integration to Twitter and GitHub. 

Overall, Debank provides one of the best DeFi portfolio trackers around. 


The portfolio tracker run by the Paçoca team runs in line with the theme of the entire protocol. The tracker is cute, sleek, and easy to run. The tracker dashboard doesn’t offer too much in terms of analytics, but it makes up for that with a playful, easy-to-read interface.

The Paçoca dashboard supports three blockchains: Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Polygon. Paçoca’s portfolio tracker works best for Binance Smart Chain users who are not spread out too much. There are over 50 of the top BSC protocols supported for portfolio and LP balances.


The dashboard comes equipped with a convenient function that allows users to convert small quantities of tokens into the native Paçoca token, but often this can cost more in gas fees than what it is worth. The board also makes it easy for users to see how much yield they have pending to collect. Dashboard 

Founded in 2020, came together from two previous protocols called DeFiZap and DeFiSnap.’s dashboard is another comprehensive DeFi portfolio dashboard that provides detailed analytics. The dashboard has a clean and professional feel. 

Zapper simplifies the DeFi ecosystem for users into a simple, consolidated dashboard.  The dashboard retrieves data for assets like debts, liquidity pools, staking, claimable rewards, and yield farming activities. 


The dashboard supports ten different blockchains. The Ethereum chain is best supported while there are nearly twenty other BSC protocols. Zapper also gives users an easy place to store, view, and track the net worth of each NFT. 

Final Thoughts on DeFi Portfolio Trackers

Portfolio trackers are an essential tool for any DeFi user. The fast-moving DeFi space means that the need for accurate and specific trackers makes the decision for every DeFi user all the more critical.

As DeFi continues to grow more multichain and protocols become more entrenched in their ways, users will, in turn, divide their assets to match the tapestry of development. A good portfolio tracker will help any DeFi user manage and monitor their investments through all this growth and development.

Many more options exist to track assets––some of them paid. We hope this list helps serve you to become a smarter investor.

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