Top BSC Projects Show Where to Buy NFTs

NFT Marketplace AMAchella 

BSC News Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Telegram account, on January 25th, welcomed four prominent BSC-based Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplaces for another AMAchella event. The text Ask Me Anything (AMA) session commenced at 19:00 UTC, featuring AirNFTsNFTb MarketYooshi, and Altura.

AMA Host Tom interviewed all four projects, starting with AirNFTs. The CEO of AirNFTs, Nyjah, described the project as an NFT marketplace where users can mint, trade, and earn with NFTs within the BSC and Polygon ecosystems. All project representatives disclosed the uniqueness of their platforms in response to Tom’s first question in the evening. 

“We are open to everyone, so everyone can start minting without verifications and we have NFT Launchpad where we connect GameFi and NFT projects to BSC and Polygon connections for their further grow,” AirNFTs CEO, Nyjah wrote, when asked what makes the AirNFTs platform unique and appealing to users in the NFT space. “Basically we offer all help to projects and artists that we struggled with in the beginning of our projects ourselves.” 


Other representatives from the eye-catching AMA episode include the Head of gaming at NFTb, Alper, a Community volunteer at Yooshi, Vincent, and one of the founders of Altura NFT, Maxim Sindall. 

The AMA focused on numerous topics in the NFT marketplace. However, one of the most interesting issues was the projects’ plans to tackle the increasing rate of scams pulled off by many NFT projects, particularly on BSC. 

“Well our smart contracts are audited and monitored by the top organizations in the industry which we support by having our community involved [sic] through various programs like our bounty program,” Alper wrote about the project’s efforts to erase possible scam threats. 


The Growing NFT Space 

The NFT space is one to look out for this year. All four projects wrote of the booming NFT space, including its wide range of adoption by top brands like Adidas, Facebook, and more. In essence, all representatives disclosed that more NFTs adoption is imminent. 

“At NFTb, we believe that we are early in terms of the adoption of NFT technology. In the coming years we expect NFTs to be adopted by more people and platforms need to evolve to ensure that their products are easily accessible,” Alper wrote. 

Maxim Sindall also added that NFTs will grow beyond being an in-game item and become an asset with many utilities. 

“We believe NFTs will eventually flip to become far more than a picture which might represent an in-game item. They will soon be described as digital assets and have many use cases,” Maxim of Altura NFT wrote. 

The session lasted for over one hour before the BSC News telegram community asked their questions. Head over to the BSC News Telegram to read the full transcript. 

Find out more about all four projects through the following links: 

AirNFTs: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord  

NFTb Market: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord  

Yooshi: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium   

Altura NFT: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

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