Top 5 NFT Marketplaces on Cronos Chain: Ebisu’s Bay, CroSea and More!

Here are the top 5 NFT Marketplaces on Cronos Chain, including Ebisu’s Bay, CroSea, tofuNFT, Corgi Studio, and Versagmes.

The Top Cronos Chain NFT Marketplaces

NFT Marketplaces are the platforms where Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are minted and traded. As NFT trading becomes more mainstream, it is essential to find out as much as possible about collections and where to find them. Here are the top 5 NFT Marketplaces on Cronos Chain by volume:

Ebisu’s Bay



Corgi Studio


Ebisu’s Bay

Ebisu’s Bay is the largest NFT marketplace on the Cronos network. It uses CRO, the chain’s native token, for gas fees and other roles like trading its listed assets. The marketplace has built in the spirit of crypto by building a community around it which has propelled it to great heights.

The platform also doubles as a launchpad for new NFT Collections and gives users the ability to customize collections, mint NFTs, get NFT Smart Contract advice, or join a proactive community of NFT enthusiasts. The platform’s perks are:

Launchpad services and promotions

Rarity rankings

Displaying in-game attributes of NFTs for GameFI projects.

Here are Ebisu’s Bay statistics:

30 Days

Users: 6.02K – 13.67% decrease

Transactions: 146.31k – 10.01% decrease

Volume: $1.77M or 16.44M CRO – 36.34% decrease

7 Days

Users: 2.93K – 1.51% decrease

Transactions: 33.39K – 0.869% decrease

Volume: $371.98K or 3.45M CRO – 13.65% decrease


CroSea is the largest open NFT Marketplace on the Cronos network. It allows users to trade NFTs using CRO, wrapped USDT, and any CRC20 Tokens. This platform has pioneered a lot over a short time due to its next-level innovative solutions like viewing owned collections and easy creation of new ones.

Its statistics are as follows:

30 Days

Users: 1.01K – 15.44% decrease

Transactions: 9.48K – 1.49% decrease

Volume: $22.69K or 209.23K CRO – 14.93% decrease

7 Days

Users: 362 – 10.17% decrease

Transactions: 1.72K – 13.31% decrease

Volume$3.33K or 30.92K CRO – 38.97% decrease

tofuNFT Marketplace

tofuNFT Marketplace is the largest multichain NFT Marketplace at the moment. It lives on over 30 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible public chains and is focused on GameFi. It ranks third on the top NFT Marketplaces on the Cronos chain by volume. Here are its recent statistics:

30 Days

Users: 915 – 6.52% increase

Transactions: 4.48K – 18.1% increase

Volume: $17.02K or 158.13K CRO – 43.97% increase

7 Days

Users: 436 – 47.3%

Transactions: 1.47K – 31.23%

Volume: $4.73K or 43.96K CRO – 16.47% increase

Corgi Studio

Corgi Studio ranks fourth on Cronos Network’s top NFT marketplaces during the past 30 days. This platform allows for trading of NFTs but also has other solutions like an NFT Launchpad. Here are its latest statistics.

30 Days

Users: 241 – 52.53% increase

Transactions: 1.15K – 81.25% increase

Volume: $12.14K or 112.83K CRO – 285.92% increase

7 Days

Users: 105 – 19.23% decrease

Transactions: 272 – 15.26% decrease

Volume: $3.53K or 32.84K CRO – 38.95% decrease


VersaGames NFT Marketplace brings together new and existing concepts to improve the NFT Gaming ecosystem. It offers a Web3 storefront and liquidity staking with plans to add financing options. It ranks as the fifth largest NFT Marketplace of the month on Cronos Chain by Volume. Here are its recent statistics:

30 Days

Users: 187 – 26.09% decrease

Transactions: 314 – 20.15% decrease

Volume: $0

7 Days

Users: 42 – 25.0% decrease

Transactions: 59 – 18.05% decrease

Volume: $0

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