Tony’s Final ZooKeeper Farewell

Following discussions with the Wanswap Team and due to their upcoming WASP v2 release, the Tony Stripes ZOO/WASP pool on will be unlocked ahead of its removal a couple of weeks later.

The ZOO/WASP pool will be unlocked for all on the 9th of January 2023 at 08am UTC according to the Wanswap schedule.

The pool will finally close for good two weeks later on the 24th of January 2023 at 08am UTC.
The reason for this is that the WASP(v1)/ZOO route and its liquidity will no longer be used on Wanswap.

Users can farm WASP v2 tokens using their ZOO on Wanswap.

Their latest update states that:

“For the LP tokens with WASP pairs, such as WASP/WAN, WASP/ZOO, etc., you should migrate those LP tokens manually; that is, withdraw & remove LP from v1, convert WASP v1 to WASP v2, add & deposit LP to v2.

The service of the WASP conversion and the LP migration are available for WASP v1 holders and v1 LP holders for a long time, and currently there is no plan for us to set the expiry date of this service. If it is necessary to stop the service one day, we will have a new announcement by then in advance.”

– Wanswap Team.

We thank our dear friend Tony for his support and wish him all success in his new career as a world famous ZooRacer!

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