Tom Zanetti Joins Forces With MetaReserve

The world-famous British DJ is hopping on the NFT trend in a collab with MetaReserve.

Zanetti Sees the Light

World-famous British DJ Tom Zanetti is the latest music artist to join the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) craze. Zanetti has been appointed as Ambassador of MetaReserve, a Reserve Currency Protocol building its own metaverse. He will be releasing a new NFT collection with MetaReserve exclusively on MetaMarket. 

“I kicked off my musical journey in the music industry, performing in clubs at age 17 and spent my whole life touring in my career,” Zanetti said in a statement. “There’s no doubt that Web 2.0 has made us feel disappointed. Mainstream music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music reportedly cut 75% from musicians’ revenues with the cut paid to labels even when their platform revenues have been steadily growing over time. This gives us a lot of room to imagine and unleash the potential for Music NFT to revolutionize the music industry.” 

Apart from being a DJ, Tom Zanetti is also a well-known music producer, rapper and singer. He is best known for his songs “Darlin’” (2015) and “You Want Me” (2016), both of which received silver and platinum BFI certifications respectively. The latter of the two charted in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Republic of Ireland. 

MetaMarket’s Vision 

MetaMarket is an NFT marketplace for buying, selling, and auctioning of NFTs. Our team will continue our efforts to bring other influencers onboard MetaMarket. Partnerships with world renowned athletes’ NFTs will be featured as well. 

“They are in fact strategic partners as we’re looking to launch NFTs and to build games/facilities in the metaverse. We do have the capabilities, capacity and financial strength to develop the metaverse, we see this as essential because it is a race, and we want to win,” Oliver Maratos (Oli), the Chief Strategy Officer of MetaReserve, commented. “With the concept of what we’re building, bringing innovations, bringing you p2e games, a virtual world to meet some of your favorite celebrities, virtual concerts (hint), it is going to be exciting.”

Tom Zanetti and MetaReserve Collab

Zanetti decided to partner with MetaReserve as he saw the next level potential in the NFT space. He trusts that it could be a powerful tool which would open up vast opportunities in the future. Both parties are positive about the tremendous growth and abundance of benefits they could provide to their community, fans, users and investors on a more immersive and meaningful level. This belief stems from their understanding of the importance of Web 3.0 for the music industry.

“The revenue sharing models of the current streaming platforms are not being fair to musicians in the music industry. Web 3.0 will definitely benefit music creators as they are allowed to distribute their music directly to their audience without centralized intermediaries,” Zanetti espoused.

The MetaReserve team added their belief that Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) could play a massive role in the future of the music industry.

“The concept of DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations is not only for DeFi protocols, community, curator, social, media, collector, but also well fitted in the music industry as well,” added Oli, who will pitch MetaReserve’s idea to get more artists and influencers onboard. “DAOs could address a lot of problems we face in the music industry now. Artists or content creators will have a say in what they want to do and audiences can directly support their favorite artists for the royalty they own. They will be the ones who own their own work and not the platform or company.” 

About MetaReserve

MetaReserve is the first Reserve Currency Protocol to build a metaverse of innovations. The MetaReserve Treasury will empower partnerships and incubations. Claiming to be more than just an on-chain venture fund, MetaReserve wants to bring its users an actual virtual world of real opportunities. The team professes their safety as a DAO with a fully doxxed team of fintech professionals on Binance Smart Chain.

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