tokidoki Mystery Boxes Sell Out on Binance NFT Marketplace

The highly sought-after artwork of tokidoki was snapped up by eager collectors on the new Binance NFT marketplace.

A Sold Out Event

The Binance NFT marketplace has hit the ground running, with tokidoki mystery boxes selling out almost immediately on launch. The huge demand, which Binance described as, “nothing short of incredible”, meant that some collectors were left disappointed as orders were filled, and it gradually became clear they had failed to secure one of the highly prized mystery boxes. Having listened to feedback from the community, and learned the lessons of the first event, Binance NFT will now apply a number of changes which should ensure a fairer distribution of the boxes in rounds two and three of the sale. 

An Incredible Event

The Binance NFT marketplace launched on Thursday and fell victim to its own runaway success. While the bulk of the NFT market functioned exactly as expected, with users able to place bids on a range of NFT artwork including Andy Warhol self-portraits, the story of the day was the tokidoki mystery boxes for which demand completely outpaced all expectations.

tokidoki translates to “sometimes” in Japanese, and is an internationally recognized lifestyle brand that has garnered a cult-like following of fans. When the clock hit zero on the launch event and bidding on boxes began, such was the huge demand that Binance’s system became overwhelmed. Some users saw pending orders that did not fulfill, while others simply could not put a bid in before all the boxes ran out. As part of the system repair functions, some users who had pending orders later discovered that their order was not fulfilled.

In a statement to users Binance said: “If you were impacted by the issues today, we sincerely apologize. But don’t worry – there will be more mystery box opportunities on Binance in the next few days.” The exchange went on to add, “We are determined to live up to your expectations and provide a next-level NFT marketplace.”

As part of their plans to improve the rounds two and three of the sale, Binance NFT will now be limiting the number of boxes that any one user can purchase to just 20. Binance is also seeking to enhance anti-bot measures to help ensure that boxes go to genuine users who play fair. Collectors can hopefully now look forward to picking up a box in round two or three where the truly rare NFTs are hidden.

tokidoki Timeline

The launch timeline for tokidoki boxes is as follows:

June 24th

The first batch of 41,734 boxes. Special edition: super rare Black BNB Salaryman.

The super rare Black BNB Salaryman

These boxes have now sold out.

June 28th

12PM UTC – the second batch of 40,754 boxes. Special edition: super-super rare Black BNB Unicorno

The super-super rare Black BNB Unicorno

June 29th

12PM UTC – the third batch of 40,020 boxes. Special edition: super-super rare Golden BNB Dragon Unicorno

The super-super rare Golden BNB Dragon Unicorno

The Dragon Unicorno is legendary status meaning that only 10 NFTs of this type are to be minted. This compares well to the 1714 Black BNB Salaryman minted in the first round.

Getting Better

The Binance NFT marketplace has had an incredible few days since launch. It seems clear that the company has already learned the lessons from its opening day, and with improvements made and changes in place, it appears that it can only go from strength to strength. Users who missed out on the opening day tokidoki can now look forward to rounds two and three of the sale on the 28th and 29th respectively.

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