TokenPVP – Fully Decentralized Gambling on Binance Smart Chain

The platform prides itself on completely removing a house edge from their format, allowing players to directly compete in luck-based games.

Introducing TokenPVP

TokenPVP is a Player-Versus-Player (PVP) gambling platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). TokenPVP is unique in that it is a truly PVP betting platform – the house edge is completely removed from the platform. 

TokenPVP offers a variety of services including luck-based games such as Coin Flip, a jackpot lottery, and the ability to bet on sporting matches.

TokenPVP is entirely decentralized, with all of the games running on smart contracts to ensure fairness. Where online betting platforms before blockchain technology had at least some level of centralization, TokenPVP has eliminated that completely. All TokenPVP games are run using Chainlink’s Verified Random Function (VRF) to ensure complete fairness in their smart contracts.

TokenPVP is run off of the $PVP token, allowing users to have a share of equity in the platform by holding the token.


TokenPVP currently offers two games, Jackpot and Coin Flip, with a third game called Chain Challenger still in development. These games are luck-based games where players can wager some of their tokens in order to potentially win back a much larger sum.


Jackpot is similar to a standard kitty, where the pot is filled by contestant contributions and then won by a lucky participant. On the TokenPVP platform, Jackpot is funded by each wager, which gives the contestant a corresponding amount of odds to win the whole pot. Players can either enter with the $PVP token or with $BNB.

The extraction begins once the threshold of 1,000 $BNB entered has been met. There is always a winner in every draw, meaning that no matter what a contestant will walk away with a substantial prize. The Jackpot will also be added to by the house, meaning the winnings will be even greater than the total amount wagered by users. Every contestant has a 1/10,000,000 chance of winning when they enter.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a simple game where users place a wager on the flip of a coin. Users can place bets using a wide variety of tokens by entering the token address before placing a wager. If the coin flips your way, you win your wager back plus another 95% of your wager. If you lose the flip, you lose your entire bet – a true adrenaline rush.

Players can find games created by other players and join by placing the same wager on the flip. Users can also create their own game for other players to join.

Chain Challengers

Chain Challengers is an upcoming revolutionary PVP sports betting interface. Users will be able to have friend lists to compete against each other on sporting event punting, or bet against strangers on the outcomes of games.

There will be a ranking system implemented wherein users who have high success rates will receive a higher commission. There will also be a live chat function to private message both friends and strangers alike.

Users can choose whether or not to submit Know Your Customer (KYC) or to simply connect their wallet. There are bonus rewards for submitting KYC, however. 

Unique Fee Structure & Referral Rewards

TokenPVP has a unique fee structure that helps maintain the deflation of $PVP. 5% of all Jackpot winnings is taxed and then burnt to help keep $PVP circulation in check. 50% of house profits will go into a quarterly BNB vault. There is no commission on Coin Flip winnings.

If a user takes advantage of a creatable referral link, 2.5% of all commission made will be sent to the associated BSC wallet address.Users can create a referral link by pasting their wallet address into the ‘Create Referral’ section on the platform.


Token Ticker: $PVP

Total Supply: 50,000,000

Buy Slippage: 7%

Sale Slippage: 10%

Autoboost Fee: 3%

Research and Development Fee: 2%

Buy Reflection: 1%

Sale Reflection: 4%


TokenPVP In-House Bank: 20%

Exchange Listings: 10%

Marketing/Developing Wallet: 5%

Token Promotion: 5%

Presale: 47%

Liquidity: 13%

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