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Cryptodaily Admin: Hi BSCdaily-ers! We’re having another AMA at the moment, and our guests for today are Mr. Leenards and Mr. Schutte from the Token of Expertise project  Welcome to the community Jan Robert Schutte and Mark Leenards!

Jan Robert Schutte: Welcome everybody and BSCDaily, thank you for having us

Mark Leenards: Thanks for having us, Daley!

Cryptodaily Admin: Pleasure is all mine  How are you all doing?

Mark Leenards: Great, thanks! It’s lovely weather in Amsterdam and crypto markets are looking fine 

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s looking real fine 

Jan Robert Schutte: Weather in Krakow, Poland too. Where I am for a Trading Event

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh you’re traveling now? So are you ready to start the AMA?

Jan Robert Schutte: Absolutely

Mark Leenards: Yes!

Q1: Can you tell us a bit about ToE in general? What is your mission?

Cryptodaily Admin: Who wants to start first? 

Mark Leenards: Sure, I will. The Token of Expertise is a utility token, to be launched on the BSC this year. With the introduction of this token, our aim is to make expertise more accessible, reliable and affordable. The token will be used in the Expert App that will be launched as well this year. The Expert App will be a community based, blockchain / web3 powered application to find the right expert in the most efficient way. The Token of Expertise will be a method of payment in the app, as well as an instrument to measure expertise.

Our mission is twofold:

1) Creating an app that enables people from all over the world to quickly and efficiently find the right expert, not only in the financial field, but also for legal services, health, taxes and so on.

2) A community where everyone has the opportunity to become an expert, where every expert is judged and rewarded in the same fairway

Hope that’s clear!

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m loving this! It comes to show that Web2 is going to be the future, with different apps, websites are now being built on-chain. Say, the App is sounding a lot like Fiverr if we skip the expert part 

Jan Robert Schutte: Better than that!

Mark Leenards: And we add some more blockchain 

Cryptodaily Admin: Yes you are! expert for hire!

Q2: Who are the founders? Are you fully doxed? What is your background with Blockchain in general?

Mark Leenards: We have all been active in the crypto space for some years now. Jan Robert wrote a bestseller book in Dutch about Trading in Crypto’s (over 5000 copies sold). We are closely working together with advisors and developers with more technical blockchain experience.

Jan Robert Schutte: I, Jan Robert Schutte, I am also a Crypto Trader and Keynote speaker at events. Mark has also a vast experience in the Crypto and blockchain space

Cryptodaily Admin: How long have you guys been involved in this crypto world and realized that it’s gonna be the next big thing? Back in 2017?

Mark Leenards: I started investing in 2017, just before the bullrun that year.

Jan Robert Schutte: I knew about crypto back in 2015 and actively traded in 2017. In 2018 I was working with a world famous hacker on verified logs, but that’s another story

Cryptodaily Admin: And so the Expert App and the Token of Expertise came around right after or a few years later?

Jan Robert Schutte: We can bank on our huge community of more than 85,000 members on our investors platform

Mark Leenards: The idea about the Expert App was established last year, but actually it is the logical next step in serving this community

Q3: Could you tell us about your Expert App and how it ties to your future plans?

Mark Leenards: Of course. With the expertise and network of the founders in mind, the Expert App will launch with investments as the first focus area, with other areas such as health, legal and tax to be added later. The idea is to start with building an Investment Expert App where both novice and seasoned investors can ask experts for help regarding all their investment questions. The app will include the following features:

– Asking questions to experts

– Expert assistance/assignment based on artificial intelligence, availability and ranking (‘stake’)

– Webinars announced with push notifications

– Rewarding of experts with Expert Tokens, to be exchanged for cryptocurrency

– Personal news feed

– Trading simulation and training

– Expert reviewing

Jan Robert Schutte: We will soon launch a beta version (MVP) in two weeks from now!

Cryptodaily Admin: This is exciting!

Mark Leenards: Thanks!

Cryptodaily Admin: And is this for everybody or is it a private test?

Mark Leenards: We will first test it within our community. But version 1 is planned also in Q2, including payments on the BSC

Cryptodaily Admin: Will you and Mr. Schutte be on this app as investment experts too? 

Jan Robert Schutte: Yes absolutely! I am focused on crypto’s as a hard core Crypto trader

Mark Leenards: Yes, we have been helping investors for over 15 years now and will continue to do so 

Cryptodaily Admin: You know what, our platform also had quite a few veteran crypto traders, and I think they would love to have a platform to share and grow their own audiences

Mark Leenards: They are very welcome to join!

Q4: What makes your Expert Apps different or superior to other hire-an-expert apps existing out there that people would be interested in using?

Cryptodaily Admin: And please elaborate on how to become an expert also 

Jan Robert Schutte: Token of Expertise is going to disrupt the industry of experts-for-hire by means of tokenization and in so doing help the e-learning industry transition from a web2.0 to web3.0 economy. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are currently used for a task-by-task approach, with hourly or fixed rates for specific services.

Token of Expertise and the Expert App will focus more on supporting the users to increase their own knowledge and experience. We will also offer a more transparent and fair system to measure expertise, by using the benefits of the blockchain.

Mark Leenards: Everybody has the potential to become an expert, but your level of expertise will only rise if you spend or receive TOE and if you take tests in the app. Furthermore, you should get good reviews from clients.

This is also different compared to Fiverr.

Cryptodaily Admin: Thanks for clearing things up, I thought we can hire experts by the hours 

Mark Leenards: It’s possible, but services will also include (e)books, signal services, coaching, etc. The focus is really on the transfer of knowledge, rather than just hire somebody to fix something

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow I can’t believe how you can make the prices affordable since hiring an expert by the hour is expensive enough, not to mention hiring an expert to coach you, with a vast amount of services like these too!

Mark Leenards: A bit of automation could help 

Cryptodaily Admin: See, I need experts in my life to coach me about this stuff  That’s why an Expert App is important!!!

Q5: From an investing standpoint, how can we benefit from Token of Expertise? What are the incentives for experts, users and investors?

Mark Leenards: So first for investors:

Investors are able to purchase services like coaching, paid newsletters and signal services for a discount, in the same time increasing their level of expertise. HODLing ToE could, just like other tokens, lead to future price increases. The demand for ToE should be boosted by offering many different services in ToE. Not only investment services, but also services related to tax, legal, or any other issues that need expertise.

Users of the app:

Users will be able to increase their knowledge about certain topics, ultimately to work in that specific industry or make money with the knowledge in a different way. The Expert App can potentially save them thousands of euros for education or costly mistakes.

Experts can also benefit:

Experts earn TOE’s for sharing their expertise. TOE’s can be used by experts to increase their knowledge in the same or different fields or can be exchanged for other utility tokens in the future.

Experts with the highest Tier can earn extra tokens from the Incentive Staking Pool.

Cryptodaily Admin: Learn and earn is what I would say 

Mark Leenards: Exactly!

Jan Robert Schutte: Up to 80% of all service fees will flow into the Incentive Staking Pool, a separate Smart Contract that will distribute TOE to all experts with a Gold or Diamond Tier every month.

Cryptodaily Admin: Do you want to elaborate on these Tiers for experts? What benefits will these provide?

Mark Leenards: Expert Tiers are, unlike Levels and Ratings, solely based on the number of TOE received and ‘staked’. These are meant for experts.

Bronze Tier

A minimum of 1000 TOE earned and staked (held in a wallet that is connected to the expert profile). Service fee for Bronze Tier Experts will be 4% (of which 3% will flow into the Incentive Staking Pool).

Silver Tier

A minimum of 5000 TOE earned and staked. Service fee for Silver Tier Experts will be 3% (of which 2% will flow into the Incentive Staking Pool). Silver Tier Experts will be included in a Recommended section in the Expert App and will receive additional marketing tools.

Gold Tier

A minimum of 20000 TOE earned and 10000 TOE staked. Service fee for Gold Tier Experts will be 2% (of which 1% will flow into the Incentive Staking Pool). Gold Tier Experts will be included in a Recommended section in the Expert App and will receive additional marketing tools. Furthermore, they will receive a part of 30% of the Incentive Staking Pool, to be equally shared with all Gold Tier Experts every month.

So we use staking, but focused on experts

Cryptodaily Admin: And you guys can check out their socials here as well, they would provide you with all the necessary details about how to become experts! – Telegram – Discord – Twitter

Q6: There’s currently a challenge running that our community could partake in. Can you elaborate on it?

Jan Robert Schutte: We are running the TOE Viral Challenge, giving away an iPhone13 and 500 ToE to actively participating members.

We invite participants to join our social channels, like and share them and invite new members to the challenge. Each action will be rewarded with points.

With just 50 points, participants will receive 500 ToE. The target price for the IDO for every ToE will be 1 EUR (approx. 1.10 USD)

The winner of the challenge will receive an iPhone 13

Cryptodaily Admin: So 1 person = 1 point?

Mark Leenards: 5 points 

Cryptodaily Admin: 1 invite is 5 points, got cha

Q7: Your new strategic round of sale with 500- euro minimum investment starts soon. Can you tell us how users can access it?

Mark Leenards: Sure. We will launch a special token sale platform with integrated KYC, MetaMask wallet connect, as well as a pooling system. The bigger the pool, the lower the price per token. The price range will be between 40 and 60 eurocents per token. Whitelisting is possible on our website:

The private sale will start next week. So if anybody in this group is interested, you can join together in one pool.

Cryptodaily Admin: Check them out! Be sure to keep an eye out for their whitelists, as well as community events!

Q8: What are your plans to globalize ToE and attract millions of users?

Mark Leenards: That’s a great (and hard) question!

We are using a blend of contemporary and alternative marketing strategies that are going to target the different typologies of users that could be interested in Token of Expertise: experts, people looking to learn, investors, and more. As we do our market outreach, we always make sure to tailor to the needs of the groups and platforms that we address.

On top of this, we are connected to different international communities like yours on telegram that we are currently planning to do outreach in, making sure to cater to specific geographical regions of the world.

In addition, because our founders are a group of seasoned entrepreneurs with previous experience in building communities, we hope to be able to leverage this to our advantage as we build a global community of $TOE users!

Jan Robert Schutte: Let’s not forget that the ease of access to our iOS / Android app will definitely make sure to give us a great platform to showcase our services to.

Cryptodaily Admin: Looking forward to the app as well!

Mark Leenards: It is of course work in progress, but we work with very experienced app developers only

Q9: Are you having any exciting events coming up besides the TOE Viral Challenge that you want to share?

Jan Robert Schutte: Wednesday March 30 at 20:00 hrs CET we host a special Webinar: Token of Expertise Progress Update and Token Sale

So Wednesday also we present live with Camera and Voice

Mark Leenards: We are hosting our first live event on April 15th in Amsterdam. If you live nearby, please DM me to receive the invitation link.

Jan Robert Schutte: And if people are in The Netherlands in April 15, we are happy to meet you

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Token of ExpertiseTime for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jan Robert Schutte: So as a reminder, we are happy to answer your questions also live in our Webinar next Wednesday

Mark Leenards: Thanks for your professional hosting of this AMA Daley

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Jan Robert Schutte and Mark Leenards for being here with us! It has been a pleasure, take care

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