TLM Charts showing rapid growth

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the TLM Asset which has recently been announced as an upcoming LaunchPool Supported project is starting to show unusual behaviour on the charts and is currently labelled as moderated. All through the product behind the TLM Asset is very promising and the introduction by Binance means the asset will be introduced to the largest amount of cryptocurrency investors available on the internet. Why is the price already growing as much as it is?

Even though we aren’t sure ourselves, A wild guess would be that those who have started staking their BNB Coins in the Launchpool in combination with the few exchanges that have already listed TLM allows for a minor market that gives players early access to obtaining better cards in the new Alien Worlds Game.

Whether or not the price growth is making much sense a lot may happen from hereon if we can already see such growth before the project has been fully introduced.

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