TKO Web Summit Summary

What is on everyone’s mind these days? Everyone is talking about cryptocurrency, but the real dilemma arises: what is the future of the digital currency and trading platform of TKO? To find the answer, the place you need to reach is Asia. What mostly happens in Asia is that it eventually becomes a practice for everyone if something is trending.

Asia is progressing in the economy and is on the verge of innovation, China one of the superpowers in this world is the leader of central bank digital currency deployment; also, Cambodia and Singapore are working on different aspects to bring people’s attention to the digital currency.

SafeSwap’s involvement
SafeSwap is looking to provide a stable platform combined with proper education to help and guide new adopters from the Asian market in finding a platform that will allow you to inter-change cryptocurrencies into others. Safeswap Online, a decentralized trading platform. The use of Safeswap is entirely ensuring and safe and is not only confined to one place; instead, you can exchange cryptocurrencies from all over the world.

The Safeswap platform stands in queue among the other DeFi platforms in the market in the competitive atmosphere. To educate people on the use and trading of cryptocurrency is one of the motives of Safeswap, creating a trend in the Asian subcontinent and collaborating with Asian partners.

The perception of Safeswap is different and worthwhile that has a fantastic possibility to create a new definitive in the DeFi industry. By articulating regular performance from other DeFi platforms in collaboration with the latest ideas and attributes that have never been seen among DeFi platforms in the past, Safeswap Online will do its best to distinguish itself from other competitors in the market.
TKO hosted the first Asian web summit in Indonesia

The TKO summit was an event hosted by tokocrypto and the TKO token, the organizers of this event. Various crypto market leaders such as the founder and CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao as well as the founding board of TKO Pang Xue Kai sat down via a live web summit with thousands of projects, participants and subscribers for discussions in different Asian countries to consider the interest of other communities.
The opening of the TKO summit was held by tokocrypto.

TOKOCRYPTO hosted the event online and included various updates of TKO and discussions saved among the APAC Asian region working in the crypto markets to change trends in the community. They began by introducing what the purpose of this event was. The panel discussion was held in three sets, including the founders and co-founders of other Asian cryptocurrencies.

TKO Summit 2021 was held on July 24, 2021, for about five hours. Global crypto projects were presented by such as Binance, CoinGecko, Kardiachain, KryptoGo, Tomochain, and many more. Tokocrypto collaborated with Safeswap as well, which guarantees us safe swaps growth in the future. We’re also hoping to see the upgraded platform Tokocrypto v2.0 in the coming future.

Safeswap’s collaboration with TKO summit
Ultimately SafeSwap is aiming to have a strong involvement in the localization and education of decentral finance for Indonesian cryptocurrency traders, adopters and other newcomers to the market.

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