Titi Financial Launches BSC Meme Utility Revolution

Investors are watching Titi Financial as development activity increases.

TitiVerse Development Activity

Titi Financial, which was launched as a BSC utility meme token a year ago, has been building the TitiVerse, an open-world metaverse where authenticated holders of Titi Citizens NFTs can play mini-games, socialize, and explore.

The TitiVerse, launched on December 31, 2022, is expected to grow in size and activity. Recent updates also suggest a trend toward making the game more fluid, playable, and rewarding.

Burn Mechanism Announcement

In the near future, players will be awarded $TITI tokens, some of which will be burned, accentuating the already sizable upcoming $TITI burn of 21%. Players will also be able to enter the “voting building” and vote on Titi Financial’s future trajectory regarding marketing, liquidity, and content.

Titi Citizens

Titi Citizens, the BSC NFTs that serve as a “passport” to the TitiVerse, will receive a 3D art upgrade this year. After Titi Financial’s launch, more than 2,500 holders received Titi Citizens via an airdrop. Investors are hoping that the one-year anniversary event will bring similar results.

About Titi Financial:

Titi Financial was created in response to the saturation of meme projects with no utility. It is based on the endangered Titi Monkey, a social species found in the Amazon River Basin. The Titi Financial ecosystem includes the TitiVerse open-world metaverse, utility NFTs (Titi Citizens), and the $TITI token.

Source : bsc.news

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