Tiny World Game Continues to Grow Since Being Named BNB Chain ‘Star’

Tiny World CMO Adam Bauldry discusses the game’s developments since being named a BNB Chain Star Project in July, including the launch of the SPIRIT NFT.

Tiny World Builds on Initial BNB Chain Hype

Tiny World, a PlaytoEarn blockchain metaverse game, made headlines when it was listed as a Star Project on BNB Chain in July. BSC News caught up with Tiny World CMO Adam Bauldry about how the game’s Web3 ecosystem has grown since then, including today’s launch of the SPIRIT NFT.

The Tiny World project combines gaming, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs and DAO governance in a metaverse where users can collect more than 100 Tiny Hero NFTs on their journey.

Speaking about the project’s growth since appearing on BNB Chain’s July Project Stars list, Bauldry said:

“It’s going rather well; we are currently the second-ranked game on BNB chain on DappRadar for 30-day users with 59.27K, up 20%. In addition, 30-day volume is $2.09M, and transactions are over 736,000 for the same period, increasing 222% and 81% respectively.”

Bauldry thanked the Tiny World community for the game’s growth into a leading BNB Chain project.

According to the project’s roadmap, features in progress during the third quarter are Tiny Pet NFT and Tiny Kingdom: Pet System.

Launch of SPIRIT NFT

Tiny World has also announced the launch of SPIRIT, a BEP-1155 standard NFT. Tiny World planned to release SPIRIT today, Sept. 29, confirmed Bauldry.

“SPIRIT will be consumed to replenish Tiny Hero NFTs’ energy bar. Energy is important because you cannot stake your Tiny Hero to our NFT yield farming pool to generate TINC token yields without it.”

Speaking more about the utility of the new NFT, Adam said:

“SPIRIT will have other functions on the platform, such as increasing combat power for your Tiny Heroes. Combat power determines the mining rate in NFT yield farming, with a higher power increasing the amount of tokens generated. There will be other applications coming soon for SPIRIT.”

Users can trade SPIRIT for BUSD in Tiny World’s P2P NFT marketplace for extra profits. Bauldry said users can obtain SPIRIT by ranking on Tiny Lord and Tiny Kingdom leaderboards, and also by “checking in” by completing an on-chain transaction each day of the week, Monday-Sunday.

Source : bsc.news

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