Tiny World became a star in the BNB chain ecosystem and stepped onto the stage of BinanceNFT

Tiny World made remarkable progress in July when it was included in the group of 8 BNB Chain Project Stars and integrated into the Binance NFT platform. These were both significant accomplishments for the company. In addition, throughout the last month, the popular blockchain gaming universe welcomed new users at a rate that was greater than 75% of its total, and it also published an updated roadmap. This summer, those are the most noteworthy pieces of news regarding Tiny World for both fans and investors.

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1. Project introduction

The trade game universe Tiny World is rich in variety and is based on historical legends from all around the world. Play-to-earn functionality and efficient DAO administration are both included, along with high-caliber gameplay. Tiny World offers a comprehensive product matrix, which consists of the following: Tiny Games (including Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Dungeons, amongst others), Tiny Farm, and Tiny World.

Moreover, Tiny World is a blockchain game that blends NFT, DeFi, and Gaming to offer a genuinely amazing experience for consumers. Players can begin the epic trip after collecting only one Tiny Hero NFTs. Fight the way to the top of the leaderboards or venture into the dungeons to get the most out of the player’s play-to-earn experience. Consumers can also use the platform’s DeFi products to make additional revenue by staking the tokens and fantastic NFTs in exchange for a different earning opportunity.

Earning money in Tiny World is possible through a wide variety of means, including the following:

1) Farming success through the use of Tiny Farm’s resources

2) Acquiring Tiny NFTs and putting them up for sale on the market.

3) Farming with very small amounts of NFTs

4) Betting tokens in order to acquire advantages through participation in games and voting

5. Competing in Tiny Games in order to Earn Prizes from the Leaderboard

6) Making a Profit through the Trading of Items in Miniature Games

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Product Matrix

Tiny Farm

Tiny World features a comprehensive DeFi system known as Tiny Farm. This system incorporates a number of different DeFi components, including Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, staking, NFT Farming, mystery-box, NFT market, and many more. In this instance, Tiny World provides a seamless GameFi experience by combining interesting NFT heroes with DeFi.

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Tiny Games: Tiny Kingdom

Tiny Kingdom is an idle trading game, in which players spend their spare time engaging in conflict and making money by dealing with other players. Tiny Kingdom’s players can also win incredible crypto rewards by placing higher on the various leaderboards, then he/she can claim the title of best squad in The Kingdom by doing so.


Tiny Dungeons

The strategy video game Tiny Dungeons is a simulation that features a tower defense component. Players can build dungeons after purchasing NFT land. It is scheduled to be released later in 2022, along with a pre-sale of NFT land.

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When players successfully complete other dungeons, they will be able to loot goodies from other locations. Make sure to take the necessary precautions to prevent the same thing from occurring to you. In Tiny Dungeons, players can:

Construct the dungeon.

Invest in and take ownership of NFT land.

Players can construct their very own dungeon by using the land.

Gain benefits from players’ own land while witnessing its value rise.

Raid the dungeon for loot

Use NFT heroes to plunder the loot of other dungeons.

Divvy up the booty after the battle

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The team made the long-awaited announcement about TinyDAO in March. This feature, which provides users the right to control assets on the network and enables really effective governance on the platform, was one of the most anticipated features of the year. People who own Tiny Coin (TINC) tokens have the ability to manage the treasury of Tiny World and choose the path that the platform will take in terms of its future development.

2. Achieved Top Position Among Native GameFi Projects on the BNB Chain

BNB Chain is an ecosystem that is run by the community, is open-sourced, and decentralized. The BNB Chain now includes both the BNB Beacon Chain and the BNB Smart Chain after undergoing a rebranding. Governance is the function served by BNB Beacon Chain, which was formerly known as Binance Chain (i.e., staking and voting). The BNB Smart Chain will continue to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, will carry out consensus procedures, and will evolve into a multi-chain hub.

In February of 2022, Binance created the new BNB Chain by combining the previously existing Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain. BNB, the ecosystem’s native token, currently ranks third and has a market cap of $40.9 billion, making it one of the largest cryptocurrency ecosystems in the world (list excluding stablecoins)

The BNB chain possesses one of the gaming ecosystems with the highest level of activity and has contributed to the industry in a significant way without sparing any effort. As was said before, the Binance NFT marketplace offers gaming teams a centralized location from which they may launch their NFT-based initiatives.

In BNB Chain, the process of innovation is ongoing. BNB Chain is dedicated to finding and supporting the finest potential innovators in the ecosystem, broadening borders, and assisting people from all walks of life in making a smooth transition into the web3 world. BNB Chain’s Star Projects for the month are the very best examples of how to drive this process forward.

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Tiny World is one of the eight most advanced projects which are cutting-edge trading tools, fascinating blockchain games, music NFT platforms that upset the status quo, strong Web3 data, and domain services.

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Tiny World has been voted one of the Top Native GameFi Projects on BNB Chain by daily users for the second week in a row. Not only has the trade game universe been given the title of “the Star Project” by BNBChain, but Tiny World is also “the Top broadcaster” on BinanceLive during this time.

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3. Tiny Hero NFTs put the name on BinanceNFT

Tiny World organized a special event in collaboration with the BinanceNFT launchpad to provide players the opportunity to purchase a brand-new UR Tiny Hero NFT in a manner that is unique and not available to anybody else.  The UR Tiny Hero NFTs are the rarest and most powerful of all, and they have not been made available to the public until recently. 

BinanceNFT is the largest centralized NFT marketplace in the world. Here, anybody may browse and trade a varied range of in-game stuff, virtual land, art pieces, and now even Tiny Hero NFTs are available here.

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During the course of this unique event, Tiny World distributed a total of 8,000 NFTs. Up until the end of the subscription, there have been 11,006 total participants, and 48,632 worth of tickets have been subscribed to the event. This brings the total value of the subscription to $729,468.

Tiny Hero NFTs have dual purposes: they can be used as in-game assets, and they can also be used as an independent liquid store of value. Tiny Hero owners have the opportunity to generate income via the staking of assets in Tiny Farm and through the progression of experience in Tiny Kingdom.

When competing in the numerous games available in Tiny Kingdom, make sure to use your most potent NFTs. Players can simply stake them to NFT yield farming to earn tokens or can use them to improve LP returns by staking NFT with LP tokens in the TINC-BNB liquidity pool. Anyway, players can utilize them in either scenario to earn tokens.

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The Tiny Ticket Non-Faction Token can be traded in for the matching tier’s randomly generated Tiny Hero Non-Faction Token. When the Binance NFT marketplace begins processing withdrawals, instructions on how to redeem NFT will be made available through the official Tiny World channels.

On the Binance NFT launchpad, the limited edition Tiny World Mystery Runes series will have a larger chance of obtaining a Hero NFT with a higher rarity than other series. The levels R, SR, SSR, SSSR, and UR make up rarity, and each of these levels has a unique set of stat levels that rise when the rarity of the item does as well. Holders will profit not just from the possible appreciation in value of this collection, but also from a robust gaming experience within the Tiny World gameverse. Each Tiny Mystery Rune has within it one random Tiny Ticket, which will be unlocked twenty-four hours after the rune has been distributed. Once it has been minted, a Tiny Ticket can be traded in for a specified tier of Tiny Hero NFT. NFT redemption will be available on app.tinyworlds.io/ about two weeks after the IGO release.

4. Update: Tiny World sees significant user growth and publishes a new road map

Total Registered Users: 155,892, rose 77.66% in the last 30 days

Total NFT Trading Volume: $19,691,185

APR up to: 103%

The number of TINC Burned: 21,344,313 while 3,399,205 TINC were burned in the last 30 days and 504,018 TINC were burned last week

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Circulation of TINC: 28,894,175

TINC Circulating Market Cap: $2,131,032

TINC Total Supply: 50,238,488

Treasury Fund:$ 1,211,980

Tiny World taken these updates as follows:

1. The updated version of the official Tiny World website is now up and running.

2. Auto Select and Auto Equip are two new features that have been added to Tiny Kingdom.

3. Players’ hero in Tiny Kingdom can now gain experience points from fighting the BOSS 

4. Minor bug fixes and operational enhancements have also been implemented.

5. Updated Roadmap

Completed in Q2/2020:


Referral System

Tiny Kingdom: BOSS Raid

New item in Tiny Kingdom

Tiny Kingdom: Quest Carnival

In Progress in Q3:

New Tiny Heroes(UR)

On-chain game: Tiny Lords

Game Mobile Version

Tiny Pet NFT

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Learn More

Twitter: twitter.com/tinyworldgamefi 

Medium: medium.com/@tinyworld.gamefi 

Websites:  tinyworlds.io/ 

Dapp: dappradar.com/binance-smart-chain/games/tiny-world 

Linktr.ee: linktr.ee/Tinyworld 

Telegram: t.me/tinyworld_en 

Discord: discord.com/invite/jXTRTz7B7N 

Binance live: www.binance.com/en/live/u/25851821 

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCmm9JeIkqes3sS6NZ2YGA0w 

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