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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello peeps! Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily Hope you’re all staying safe out there I’m Daley and I will be your host for today’s AMA with Tiny World. I have here with me today Mr. Adam – CMO of Tiny World!!!

Good day to you Adam how are you doing man

Adam: Hey everyone! Very happy to be here today. I’m so good, very busy Just how I like it!! Hope you and all the community are staying safe out there!!

How are you Daley?

Cryptodaily Admin: That means you are not married yet Or I’m just lazy haha

Adam: Oh I am, the wife is very understanding! This is more like a hobby than work for me!

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s nice, having a hobby as your job, time must fly so fast

Adam: I am very lucky. Yes, never seems enough time in the day

Cryptodaily Admin: I like the spirit! So not to waste everyone’s time further, why don’t we start the AMA?

Adam: That sounds good to me!

Q1: Please introduce yourself and the brilliant Team behind the Tiny World project. What are your past experiences with Gaming and Blockchain industry?

Adam: Yes of course. Hey everyone! My name is Adam and I am CMO of Tiny World! I have worked with the Tiny World team on previous projects going back 2 years, filling various roles in operations and marketing.

The core team comes from Asia and Europe and their background is in game development (7+ years), blockchain development (4+ years), project management (8+ years) and operations and marketing (10+ years).

There is a lot of experience and Tiny World was built on the past combined experiences of the team. It has been in development for 11 months, which gave the teams time to develop a strong token economy, amazing designs and enjoyable gameplay we are so proud of what we have achieved so far!

Cryptodaily Admin: phew that’s what I’m hoping for in every GameFi, NFT game out there. The gameplay is everything and the team seems to have diverse experience in game developing, love it already

Q2: Let’s talk about Tiny World, what is it? Why did you want to build it in the first place?

Adam: Yes lots of experience, which is rare in new blockchain gaming projects! Sure, so Tiny World is a hot new GameFi project that combines NFT, DeFi and fun games to bring the best gaming experience to the market!

Cryptodaily Admin: I know right! I’m sick of these click to earn games

Adam: Yes our games are fun and exciting, we focus on the user experience and the gameplay element, but yes about Tiny World:

Let’s talk about Tiny Farm, which is the main hub and DeFi ecosystem of Tiny World and has a full offering of LPs, NFT summoning, NFT yield farming and even a purpose built NFT marketplace. You can also boost your returns by staking an NFT with TINC LP tokens to boost your yields from providing liquidity

Tiny World is a gaming platform and will house multiple games such as Tiny kingdom and Tiny Dungeons, where you use your Tiny Hero NFTs to P2E by hitting leaderboards and trade-2-earn because every Tiny World asset is tradeable in the dedicated marketplaces!

And the reason why we built Tiny World?

We are gamers and we felt the problem with the majority of blockchain games is the lack of enjoyment and playability. I am sure some of you can agree

There are so many great blockchain gaming projects out there that have done amazing things with P2E and growing their communities. We feel that this is usually prioritized over the gameplay aspect and can leave gamers frustrated or bored, sometimes having to grind for hours for a few tokens and feeling it’s not worth it. Tiny World games don’t require grinding to earn a good passive income, which is a huge thing for busy blockchain users!

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow all sounds really promising, different games, different modes to play

Adam: Yes for sure!

Q3: Please tell us about each game in the Tiny World ecosystem, what games are you guys going to release first?

Adam: Ahh the good stuff! The first release will be the amazing Tiny Kingdom, an idle style RPG and trading game. Battle endless waves of NPCs with your Tiny Hero NFTs with the click of a button. This is a completely automatic process so you can get on with your day whilst you gain rewards idly.

When your team’s HP is depleted, you can end the battle and collect materials. These can be used to forge equipment that you attach to the NFTs and improve game stats and earn more kills and rarer, more valuable materials each battle period.

All materials and equipment can be sold in their respective marketplaces for stablecoin in the game as everything is tradeable! The deep system we have implemented allows for higher floor prices by consuming 1000’s of assets that would otherwise end up on the marketplace and lead to oversaturation. There are also multiple TINC leaderboards where you can earn major TINC rewards from playing!

It is such a good game, but we will continuously develop it and integrate more game environments to improve the gameplay. A community BOSS battle, PVP battle arena, Pet NFTs etc and this progressive gameplay helps retain users.

We have a 2nd game to be released later in the year It is called Tiny Dungeons, which will be preceded by an NFT land pre-sale which is pretty exciting! This will be a simulation game with tower defense where users can earn assets and loot rewards from dungeons built by others! Highly competitive gameplay can be found here

Cryptodaily Admin: oohh, I thought you’re gonna release the Tiny Farm first though, since it has the NFT marketplace so we can trade, blah blah blah

Adam: Correct, Tiny Farm will release first which is the DeFi ecosystem. We will launch Tiny Kingdom soon after Tiny Farm

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh right right that makes sense

Q4: Let’s dive into your token $TINC. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of its use cases?

Adam: Yes, here is the TINC token model
06Uirc3Tlaumjvtbfvga6Twonc2Xcho Jaq8Pc6X8Tbdvdxuv4Ej Ry6Gcq 5Ecn0Joseezxfs7Gpfhecxkxucfjonjls Hzrc2Aofgfbf8Sj5T336G4Ankjcx Bwi5Zwzqn7P6

It has a closed loop economy to protect TINC against inflation, let me share how the tokenomics work

You can only use TINC to purchase and mint new Tiny Hero NFTs. 80% of the $TINC spent in this way will be burned. TINC is also used to purchase in-game currency in Tiny Kingdom and we will implement further uses in game for TINC

We have created multiple locking scenarios for TINC. To incentivise users to provide TINC liquidity, our TINC pool will have a 20x multiplier for TINC yields compared to respective stablecoin pools, massively increasing returns for TINC stakers.

We have a seperate staking pool that gives 2 advantages to stakers. Staking to this pool is a requirement to grow your Hero Title in Tiny Kingdom. This will bring the user many advantages in the game which will help you to earn more!

The other advantage for staking to this pool is gamer governance and the TinyDAO. TinyDAO collects the majority of profits from the platform and TINC stakers will gain voting rights on key financial and strategic decisions through TinyDAO. For example, TINC buyback, extra reward pools, strategic partnerships etc.

Also we have made it so 60% of $TINC earned from providing liquidity will be locked for 3 months from all LPs except the TINC pool. In the TINC pool all TINC rewards are available to be spent or sold. Users can still use the locked TINC to summon Tiny Hero NFTs instead of waiting for 3 months to unlock.

In terms of token allocation, there are cliffs to wait before investors and core team sections start vesting and they release TINC slowly over a period of time. This, of course, protects against token dumping.

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m just taking my time to digest all this

Adam: Yes, a lot to go through i know

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh no worries, this is good! Being transparent is key

Adam: Yes, devil is in the detail

Q5: One reason why a bunch of NFT Games out there died prematurely is because of an unsustainable economy, they constantly need new players to survive but frankly, those games cannot maintain a constant cash flow. How can Tiny World solve this problem?

Adam: Yes this is a problem I have seen and it is a problem of their own for rushing things and not making  stability and sustainability a priority

But to answer, we are more than just an NFT game, we are a gaming platform, and the economy has been well thought out and every part of Tiny World is connected, ensuring stability for long term growth for TINC and the other Tiny World assets, as everything is tradeable in Tiny World, we need to make sure the economy works and have tested it a lot!!

In terms of game economy, there are multiple consumption events too for our assets, for example, NFT upgrading burns many NFTs which may otherwise go on the market, and a similar scenario with equipment upgrading in Tiny Kingdom burning 1000’s of assets daily. There are far too many to mention but they all help avoid market saturation of assets. This gives all Tiny World assets some kind of value and the consumption events help keep the price floors higher which is very attractive to new players and will help us to retain users as well.

We have financial backing, we actually published our investor announcement today where we raised $2.5 million. Check here: medium.com/@tinyworld.gamefi/tiny-world-seed-investors-announcement-234a929e13f3

We will use this to grow the ecosystem and onboard guilds and users. The majority of platform profits also go back into Tiny World which helps sustain the economy.

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah I’m looking forward to the upgrade function of the game also, there are chances you could fail and the more you upgrade, the higher failure chance you’re gonna experience. That is just common sense really, but an important part in keeping the value of NFTs since players are gonna need a lot of NFT materials to upgrade

Adam: Exactly. we have also adjust the minting % for the Tiers of heroes to make sure that the lowest tier will be the cheapest, etc

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s good that you guy are a workaholic and your wife is understanding haha

Adam: I am sooooooo lucky

Cryptodaily Admin: Adaptability is important in this infant market and as long as Tiny World continuously listens to its community and makes necessary changes, I think the game will prosper

Adam: Agreed! community is everything to us!

Q6: What about your NFTs, can we use the NFTs in all of Tiny World’s games? Or should we buy different NFTs for each game?

Adam: Great question, I have an answer for you! The Tiny Hero NFTs will not be able to perform multiple functions, for example, if you have an NFT staked to the NFT farming pool, this Tiny Hero NFT cannot be used in Tiny Kingdom, until it is unstaked. This means that you need multiple NFTs to take part in all aspects of Tiny World simultaneously. This gives further reason to keep minting Tiny Hero NFTs!

Cryptodaily Admin: That makes sense, keeps the demands going

Q7: You said that you have achieved a lot since, so what have you achieved exactly and what are your upcoming plans for 2022?

Adam: Oh we have achieved so much over the last year! You can find our roadmap here which shows what we have achieved and takes us to the end of 2022; docs.tinyworlds.io/roadmap

We actually have more innovative ideas in the pipeline for 2023 and beyond, but I can’t say much right now except that this is just the start! Tiny World has much more to come and many targets to reach!

Got to have a plan in this ever changing environment!

Q8: I heard about the Tiny World NFT pre-sale event. Could you tell me more?

Adam: Yes, the first round kicked off at 1PM UTC today, and we sold the allocation in 30 seconds!! But don’t worry, we still have 2 more rounds to get involved in!

Round 2 starts tomorrow at 1:00 PM UTC, price per mystery rune (similar to mystery box) is 0.06 BNB. There will be 5000 tomorrow but they sell out fast! don’t miss out

Round 3 will be starting the following day, again at 1:00 PM UTC. Price per unit is 0.07 BNB on the final round

app.tinyworlds.io/mysterybox/presale is where they can be purchased tomorrow from 1PM UTC

Lock it in guys, you don’t wanna miss out!

Q9: Where can we find out more about Tiny World?

Adam: I have put all of our socials in to one handy linktree

Please check out our documents to find out more details!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Tiny World

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Adam: Thanks for the great questions! I wish I could answer them all! Make sure you don’t miss the pre-sale round 2 tomorrow, save this webpage

We will also launch officially at the beginning of March, so we are very close. I look forward to seeing you there to start our HUGE adventure together!

That’s it from me today! Thank you so much for having me and hope you all have a wonderful day!

Cryptodaily Admin: For the answers that did not get picked, go ahead and check out Tiny World’s socials! Thank you Adam for being here and congrats on the successful pre-sale man, 30s sold out

Adam: Thanks man, huge result!

Cryptodaily Admin: On behalf of the BSCDaily community, we wish you another successful pre-sale tomorrow! Take care!

Adam:  See  ya, stay safe everyone!

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