TiFi Released Roadmap of TiFi Allverse, Market focuses on TIFI

TiFi is building an integrated finance ecosystem called TiFi Allverse, which includes a shopping & trading platform with NFT and TiFi Token, and a Decentralized Exchange System.

TiFi Allverse Plan Announced

TiFi, a Silicon Valley based crypto technology startup company, released the roadmap of developing the TiFi Shopping & Trading Platform as a part of TiFi Allverse journey on TiFi Voice AMA Spring 2022 which was hosted on April 5, 2022. With this platform, people can shop and trade real world products with NFT and TiFi Token(TIFI).

After TiFi released the TiFi Allverse plan, TIFI reached the all-time high of USD 0.000000036 with daily trading volume of USD 3 million on April 11th, which is 10 times higher in price when TIFI was launched on PancakeSwap on March 31, 2022. Based on the data showing on CoinMarketCap, now the total market cap is USD 30 million.

Based on the information of TiFi Official Whitepaper, TiFi brings the concept of Allverse, which targets to bridge the metaverse and universe. It makes an integrated platform to trade merchandise between virtual and reality. The concept is that people can shop and trade products with NFT instead of getting the real world product delivered to customers. It will save the effort of customers and vendors to store and handle the product. And TiFi builds the platform for trusted vendors so they can properly store and deliver the products for customers.

TiFi Allverse is a great solution for products that are in shortage due to huge market demands. The NFT itself has value and is much more convenient and faster to trade than the real world product. Importantly, the ownership of a NFT represents the ownership of the real world product. The values of the NFTs are backed up by the trusted vendors and the value of the real product.

TiFi Token and TiFi Allverse

“TiFi Allverse will help to build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy, and TiFi Token (TIFI) is the key crypto token in the ecosystem”, said the TiFi team. Based on the tokenomics of TIFI, people are encouraged to trade using TIFI. When buyers transfer TIFI to sellers for purchase, they will get 1% of token back, which is similar to the “cash back” reward credit card offers from banks.

Besides trade stimulation, TIFI also offers reflection rewards and an auto-burn mechanism. They will make sure the TIFI holders gain maximum value and anti-inflation when holding TIFI.

TIFI now has more than 8000 holders based on BscScan, and it is audited by CertiK . TiFi is a fast growing project and the TiFi team plans to make an integrated finance ecosystem beyond TiFi Token and TiFi Shopping & Trading Platform. The ecosystem also includes a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Platform which enables TIFI holders to gain extra TIFI and exchange cryptocurrencies within one-stop.

About TiFi

TiFi (which pronounces as /ˈtaɪfaɪ/ ) is a rapidly growing startup that build decentralized ecosystem for allverse finance, which is for bridging metaverse and universe. TiFi builds TiFi Allverse which is an integrated finance ecosystem to help build a sustainable and environmentally friendly economy by adopting blockchain technologies.

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Source : bsc.news

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