Tier One Brings Influencers on Board to Lead Web3 Content Creation

Tier One Entertainment launches their influencer incubator program, Alliance, with the goal of expanding the reach of Web3 adoption

Tier One Creates Alliance With Web3 Influencers

Tier One Entertainment is launching their Alliance program aimed at developing a network of Web3 Influencers.

With the Asian Esports giant moving into Web3, they are looking to bring their expertise in content creation to help shape the industry. The aim of the Alliance program is to create a curated list of Web3 creators trained to be top-notch opinion leaders to help bring the space forward.


“Our bottom line is to provide the community with the content it needs. Whether it’s an in-depth discussion of blockchain concepts or a relaxing stream of the newest Web3 game,” Tyrone Bretaña, Tier One’s Alliance Head, told BSCNews. “We’re here to help bring traffic to the space and contribute where it’s needed. With Tier One’s know-how and established best practices from our history in Web2, we’re committed to show how and why Web3 is the future.”

Local celebrities and experienced crypto natives have been tapped to be part of Tier One’s incubator project. Among them are professional basketball player Jared Dillinger; DJs Patty Tiu and John Sedano; executives Myrtle Ramos, Marvin Germo and Emman Navalan; and other big names.

DJ John Sedano is part of Tier One’s Alliance program. Source

“Our Pioneer batch is already a formidable force. Stay tuned for the talents yet to be announced. But one thing we always keep in mind is our principles,” Bretaña said. “Both members and the entirety of the group must share Tier One’s values. The Alliance is not for everybody; we put a high premium on people who have the right values, the right perspective for Web 3.0, and are in it for the long haul.”

With the initial roster already announced, the next step would to be to build the right content in order to reach the right people looking to join the space.

“Our focus is supporting the influencers in the space so that we can assemble a group that will have a collective voice for the betterment of the industry. We are advocates of education and Web3 done right. Our fundamentals will always be hinged on authenticity, relevance, and legitimacy,” the Alliance Head said.

Source : bsc.news

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