Thugs Finance Launches Drugs v2 Contract & New Traphouse Pools


The Thugs done remodeled the Trap! Start slangin some new v2 $DRUGS and $HOES tokens, or as I like to call em, Super Drugs and Super Hoes.

Super DRUGS and HOES

Traphouse v2 is, in fact, is a whole new site; that is why you will need to un-stake all your LP’s and HOES/DRUGS from the old Traphouse. Once un-staked, you can just put your LP tokens back in the pools on the new site. LP’s containing DRUGS and the staked DRUGS from the old Traphouse need to be converted to the new Drugs 2.0 (Super Drugs).

The Drugs v2 contract was deployed in the wake of the recent Syrup and Drug pool exploits. The team at Thugs.Finance was able to remove the emergency withdrawal function, which was the culprit in the unlimited minting of the farming tokens. As for the LP pools, the Thugs have migrated their liquidity pools to their new AMM “StreetSwap.” For you CRED holders this means the THUGs buy-backs are just getting warmed up, wait till the volume starts flowing.

For those who are unfamiliar with these mechanics, check out this recent article covering CRED & StreetSwap.

New Traphouse Pools and Staking Options

Next to the pre-existing pools, a few new liquidity ramps were added, the most notable being CRED/BNB, BLIQ/BNB, BIFI/BNB, and BHC/BNB. Many more liquidity pools will continue to be added as the Thugs.Finance continues to propel StreetSwap towards the leading AMM spot on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Currently you can farm the following pools for DRUGS:


THUGS/BNB ( StreetSwap, PancakeSwap and NarwhalSwap)












Staking HOES

The new DRUGS can also staked for HOES to earn BLIQ or GUNS. When staked, your DRUGS are converted into HOES (1:1), which will give you more DRUGS based on your percentage of the staking pool (current block reward: 6.9). That’s not all; you can stake your HOES and receive GUNS or BLIQ for them.

The Future of Thugs.Finance

In the future, there may well be more farming pool pairs and staking possibilities for other projects.

Which ones? I don’t know; we will have to wait and see what the future brings.

Thugs Finance sure does an excellent job of regularly bringing new updates and delivering an innovative product to their community. The recent collaborations with other BSC projects like NarwhalSwapBeefy Finance and NyanSwop are just a few examples on how the THUGS team are expanding their visibility on the BSC network

Next up is probably GUNS for NFT’s, but that’s just a rumor or is it?

The Thugs.Finance ecosystem is very bullish near-term as many things are in development to ensure the project’s vision is met. Thus far, they have always delivered their updates on or before the promised dates.

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