Thugs.Fi StreetSwap AMM Launch Brings CRED Token


The BSC Streets are being taken over by Thugs.Fi or so is said according to our lead source news platform. The Streetswap AMM Launch brings CRED Token to the market. Let’s take a deeper look into CRED Token and its purpose.

What is StreetSwap and who are the people behind the so called Thugs.Fi

Thugs Finance is working to dethrone the leading AMM’s in the BSC ecosystem using its intuitive tokenomics system and sleek design. Thugs finance aims at going above the typical AMM and is innovating in the Game-Fi and NFT-Fi space. The THUGS token launched Oct. 1, it had one presale round for 467,000, which was valued at 2500 BNB. This BNB has since been locked into liquidity. I will do a quick breakdown below for those of you who are not familiar with the tokenomics of THUG.

Source BSC News

Thug Fi Token Valuation

Looking at this data, the key figures that should stick out to you are the initial supply and circulating supply, displaying that the THUGs token is deflationary. The THUGs token launched Oct. 1, and there have already been 23% of the total supply burnt. This makes THUGs different from nearly all other AMM tokens; holders don’t need to worry about excess minting, an unlimited total supply in some cases. On top of that, it is also essential to look at the scale of the markets. With a market cap of $2.2 million, there is plenty of market share to gain, considering the leading AMM has a ten times larger market cap.

Source: BSC News

Conclusion regarding Thug Fi

Thug Fi has a simple use case and an extremely low total supply. This might take an interesting turn moving forward with the growth of financial adoption in the cryptocurrency industry. Thug Fi has created a complex algorithm that allows its users to benefit from new methods allowing users to stake multiple assets.


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