Thugs.Fi Launches Two New Partnerships Increasing Liquidity Incentives

The Thugs are cooking up some sweet deals over at the  with two new partnerships, Trinity Protocol and Ditto Money.

Trinity Protocol

The Trinity Protocol project recently launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), offering their Auto Liquidity generation to BSC users and projects.

Trinity automatically generates liquidity for its native and partner pools through a 1% transaction tax. Holders and liquidity providers are incentivized with instant yields and sustaining the price through hourly market buy-backs. 

$bTRI the BSC Trinity token has a total supply of 9,862,959 $bTRIof which 8,349,690 tokens are burnt (send to “dead” address), leaving a current circulating supply of 1,513,269 $bTRI tokens.

Three Key Trinity Features

Ditto Money

Elastic supply token, $DITTO, is BSC’s first elastic money token, launched in December 2020. Trainer Chad has been working hard on building the project, now offering staking (temporarily with three reward tokens, INFO

The Ditto Money token has no minimum or maximum token count because of its elastic nature. This token has a peg price set to one US Dollar, the supply shrinks (below peg) or grows (above peg) when a rebase is triggered to get the value back to equilibrium.

For more information about elastic supply and rebases, you can check out THIS handy tutorial set up by the Ditto Money team. New Farms And Staking Pools

The Thugs over at the Traphouse have set up three new incentivized liquidity pools (LP) and two new $HOES staking pools. The LP’s will earn $DRUGS tokens, while the staking pools will reward you with either $bTRI or $DITTO tokens.

For the farms, you will need to create LP tokens on the Thugs.Fi Decentralized Exchange. The new pairs consist of the following: $bTRI–$BNB, $bTRI–$CRED, and  $DITTO–$BNB. After creating the LP’s, you can deposit (stake) them on the corresponding pools, where you will then begin to accrue rewards.

The $HOES staking pools only need $HOES tokens, which can be easily created by converting your $DRUGS tokens into $HOES tokens; after that, simply stake your $HOES in the pool of your choice. Currently, there are five active $HOES pools on the Traphouse; you can stake for:






By the way, through converting your $DRUGS tokens into $HOES tokens, you will also earn extra $DRUGS tokens as a staking reward. Your $DRUGS tokens make double for you once converted and staked. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get yourself a nice bag of $DRUGS, convert them into $HOES, and put them to work to earn you more tokens. 

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