ThreeFold AMA Recap hosts ThreeFold: the world’s largest peer-to-peer Internet, formed by people who want to make a difference

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, ThreeFold’s team!

Maximilian: Hello Everyone, happy to be here

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: Hello everyone! thank you for your interest!

BSCdaily – Admin: Our pleasure to have you here guys

Q1: What is ThreeFold all about? Give us a little summary

Maximilian: So as Bitcoin is decentralizing the financial world, ThreeFold is decentralizing the IT and datacenter industry.

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: ThreeFold is building Web 4.0 – decentralised cloud capacity grid, where IT is more like electricity and everyone can have full ownership of their data and apps are centered around users, not users around apps

Maximilian: Today everything runs on centralized providers. They can

1. steal your data (like Edward Snowden proved)

2. shut down your services (like happened to parler)

3. Burn down or get somehow destroyed by disasters (like happend in France rescently)

Even 60% of ETH nodes run on centralized cloud

ThreeFold is fixing that

We are building a peer to peer grid, that can host data, applications, anything that runs on docker or kubernetes.

Which is about 98% of all workloads from today, no need to recreate in a new kind of programming language

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: We are not positioning ourselves as another blockchain project, rather we are building substrate layer where any blockchain network can exist on top of, along with any regular old-fashioned apps (anything that can run on linux)

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Maximilian: So our founder Kristof de Spiegeleer and the core members have been creating the modern Internet since the 90ies

they had 5 exits combining to 500m+

After that they decided to build something that is for the people, rather then for large cooperations to benefit

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: I met with Krisotf in Jan 2017, and he invited me to join the project. Before I was doing couple of startups in blockchain space. I was excited by the values, technology and vision of the project and decided that this is something I will be happy to put my efforts in

Right now we have a team 80+ people in Belgium, Dubai, Egypt and all around the world remotely, half of them are engineers and half of them business and promotion team

Maximilian: I have background in creative design for large automitove companies like Audi & Porsche. I did mostly world premieres for cars and commercials. But I also realized Bitcoins potential back in 2011. In 2017 I finally figured that combustion engines are not going to shape the future and switched to the blockchain world.

Very happy about that decision

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: if you go through our website and check people, all of them have unique past experience and it will take a long time to present everyone in details

Maximilian: Check us out here

Q3: Why did you and your team decide to build ThreeFold?

Maximilian: because the digital world we are heading to is dystopian.

Literally, the horrors that where descibed in the Matrix movies are coming true step by step. Did you watch Social Dilemma or The Great Hack?

Our data is not owned by us but abused to create digital cages that hypnotize and control us.

With social scoring, like in China as the worst expressions. But this is step by step becoming a reality everywhere

So we need to do something about that now!

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: this is something very needed today

I’m excited to be part of the project, that does not just give a patch to some particular issue, but basically reengineering whole IT infrastructure and landscape to make it truly peer2peer, empower people and make this world a better place.

I’m practicing bhakti-yoga for 13 years and for me it is important what kind of things I’m helping to come to reality with my work, and when I met Kristof, I’ve got excited about his vision and decided that this is the place to be

Maximilian: ThreeFold is the base layer for a new digital paradigm, where we all can be sovreign, just as the original internet was intended.

Q4: Let’s dive into your token $TFT. Can you share with us your tokenomics?

Maximilian: So TFT is the utility token of the ThreeFold Grid. Anyone deploing data or applications there, needs to pay for that in TFT.

But TFT is only created when new capacity is added to the ThreeFold Grid by Farmers, ThreeFolds equivalent of Miners

So every token already represents value in the form of IT capacity

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: Right now there are 718M TFT in existence with max supply of 4B in future. Main layer for TFT is stellar with a bridge to Binance Smart Chain and presense on PancakeSwap

Here are the link for details

Maximilian: Actually, most of the TFTs are locked in vesting at the moment

we created a voluntary vesting for our community. Everyone can vest to pledge their loyalty to our project. Vesting is totally free of financial incentive.

Still 60%+ of our community locked their tokens and more are doing it every day.

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: here is the link how to get it on PancakeSwap:

Maximilian: You could compare ThreeFold to the more decentralized version of Dfinity. But our token could grow thousandfold until we reach a market cap like theirs.

Q5: What are some of $TFT use cases?

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: the main and most important use-case for TFT is that it is the mean to reserve this decentralised cloud capacity, storage and compute

Maximilian: I can’t go into the details for now, but we have a big real world application coming from a collaboration with Digibyte. Follow our social channels and Telegram for more announcements around that in the next weeks.

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: you can deploy any app on top of ThreeFold grid – blockchain nodes, kubernetes, dockers, any linux apps, etc

Maximilian: Also you can use the ThreeFold Marketplace to deploy for example a Presearch Node Presearch is one of our partners)

We didnt even announce that stuff but still thousands of nodes got deployed

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: here are the link how to create your virtual data center on top of ThreeFold Grid using TFT:

And here are the marketplace of pre-ready one-click deployments:

Maximilian: You pay a little TFT for the capacity and earn Presearch tokens for running the node. People can experience the potential of ThreeFold already

You see Blockchain is super powerful, but there are only so many things you can do with Blockchain

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: we already have 17k CPU cores and 80+PB of storage in the grid in 20 countries and it is growing:

and all this capacity is available through TFT

Maximilian: With decentralized capacity, the potential is even much bigger. The whole internet could run on it

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: we see TFT to become as a future universal measurement of IT capacity, like watt for electricity

Q6: For people who are interested in the project, where can we buy $TFT token?

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: We are available on PancakeSwap, Liqud, BTC-Alpha, Stellar-Dex and also inside our TF Connect app

Maximilian: yes we have everything in that wiki

there is the direct link to TFT on pancake

Q7: Can you also share with us Threefold’s roadmap. What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole?

Maximilian: So there is a lot of actual collaboration happening with our parnters

Also there will be a very easy interface to deploy nodes for many blockchains on the ThreeFold Grid

We are making a big announcement on the AIBC conference in Dubai next week, related to sustainability check out Medha from Casper explaining the potential of Blockchain nodes on the ThreeFold Grid

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko: Our ThreeFold Token (TFT) will be promoted Q2 2021

Our “Missing Layer For Blockchain” Projects will be released Q2 2021

Our Quantum Safe Storage System will be released Q2 2021 (through preferred partners)

We deliver on the many projects which we have ready to go (see

Our Quantum Safe Compute System will be released 2022.

Q8: Where can we find out more about ThreeFold?

Maximilian: so our main website is

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko:

Maximilian: Our Wiki is a very extensive knowledge base

Nickolay Victorovich Babenko:

BSCdaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community guys?

Benjelloun Oussama: one last time for people who have not seend these links and materials

for all the people who have additional questions, here are some materials Website

( TFT on PancakeSwap

( Telegram News

( Telegram Chat

( Intro Video

( Other Ways to Buy TFT (

join us on Twitter as well, 

BSCdaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you guys. Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for ThreeFold.

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