Three Reasons why Cartesi Jumped 100% and Garnered Trending Status

We take a closer look at the three key events which helped to drive the price of $CTSI upwards.

Major Influencer Interest

Cartesi token $CTSI has jumped in price this week, from a low of $0.45 to a high of $1.07 on Monday – it has since corrected to $0.71.

The sudden price action won Cartesi trending status on CoinMarketCap.Cartesi also appeared on the channel of YouTube crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, better known as Bitcoin Boy. 

In his video on August 8th, Armstrong attempted to explain the complexities of Cartesi which brings decentralized cloud computing off-chain to free it from the scaling limitations and fee structure of blockchain.

“Cartesi isn’t only about scaling,” he said. It’s about, “bridging the gap between mainstream software and smart contracts, utilizing existing programming tools from Linux.”

Cartesi is a highly technical project which demands considerable research to fully understand. With explainer videos such as Armstrong’s, Cartesi receives both further exposure and explanation.

Kraken Listing

On Monday Kraken exchange-listed Cartesi. Major exchange listings are typically a bullish signal, and this listing will have added to the upwards price pressure on $CTSI.

Accelerator Program

The last piece of positive news in favor of $CTSI is the Cartesi accelerator program. 

The program is designed to boost the growth of projects employing Cartesi with money on the table for those projects who are successful in their application. Cartesi announced the bounty via Twitter on August 7th.

“The #Cartesi Labs accelerator program aims to bring projects built on Cartesi to the next level. For those leveraging Cartesi’s products, we provide investment into the project alongside support that will accelerate your project’s growth” stated the team on Twitter.

Accelerator Grant from Cartesi (Source)


With a number of positive news stories team, Cartesi will be hoping that the project can now kick on to even greater things. In the fast-moving world of crypto, consolidating gains is not always easy. 

At the time of press, the $CTSI token is trading at $0.71.

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