Three Publicly Traded Bitcoin Mining Companies You Can Invest In Today

Quarter three results are in for each of the companies we highlight. See them all linked below.

Three Publicly Traded Bitcoin Mining Companies

Below we list three bitcoin mining companies that are publicly traded entities. Each has a publicly traded stock to help you get involved in the crypto and blockchain industry without breaking into DeFi. 

Here’s a good opportunity to diversify your portfolio or ask a DeFi hesitant family member to show their support for the industry.

Let’s see the three below: 

1. Bitfarms Ltd (BITF): 


Bitfarms Ltd is a blockchain infrastructure company that operates one of North America’s largest cryptocurrency mining operations. The company runs large-scale mining facilities in Quebec, Canada, and has a presence in four other countries throughout Europe and the Americas. Bitfarms Ltd produces and maintains cryptocurrency mining rigs and software to maximize the efficiency of its mining operations. Bitfarms mined 453 BTC in November 2022.

BitFarms currently trades on the NASDAQ at around $0.58.

Where to find Bitfarms Ltd.

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube |

2. Riot Blockchain Inc (NASDAQ: RIOT): 


Riot Blockchain Inc is a publicly traded company focused on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining, and the development of digital assets. The company is based in Castle Rock, Colorado and operates cryptocurrency mining facilities in the US, Canada, and Iceland. Riot Blockchain Inc. is dedicated to exposing investors to the rapidly growing digital asset industry and the blockchain technology that powers it. Riot produced 1,042 Bitcoin in Q3 2022. 

RIOT currently trades on the NASDAQ for around $4.96.

Where to find Riot Blockchain:

Website | Twitter |

3. Marathon Patent Group Inc (NASDAQ: MARA): 


Founded in 2010, Marathon Patent Group Inc is a digital asset technology company that develops and operates cryptocurrency mining facilities. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and operates mining facilities in both North America and Europe. Marathon Patent Group Inc believes in a more open, inclusive, and fair financial system, with Bitcoin at the center. When feasible, Marathon works to ensure that its power source is as sustainable as possible and reduces the stresses placed on electrical grid infrastructure.

MARA currently trades on NASDAQ for around $6.91.

Where to find Marathon Patent Group:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn |

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