This Week at Binance Was Action-Packed, What did CZ Binance Have to Say About Their Innovation?

Eventful week in Binance sees CZ reach out with an open letter. A Concert and celebrations marked the four-year anniversary. And the innovations keep coming as they introduce crypto gift cards.

Why The Letter?

Well, Binance is now four, but before we all blow out the candles, we should consider the incredible progress that has been made. CZ does exactly that in a heartfelt letter recognizing and highlighting key developments in the past year. 

Among a host of other developments that have rendered the past year an emphatic success for Binance, the letter mentioned the thriving Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace — Binance NFT.

The exchange has also done staggering charity work that has seen donations of over $15 million.    

CZ’s message reads: “Our top focus has remained consistent since the very beginning: to provide users with the best customer support experience on the industry’s most secure crypto platform.”

A bold statement, but one that is difficult to contest when we consider the commitment to protecting users that Binance underlined. 


The letter also cites the growth of BUSD, which has increased tenfold from January to an incredible $10B total market cap in the current month. 

Whether it’s helping users recover big sums of nearly $30,000 in stolen funds or working toward taking down cybercriminals laundering over $500 million, a huge effort goes into securing customer experience. 

CZ makes an important point of also underlining an intention to grow the international compliance team. This will be welcome news for many users in the United Kingdom and other jurisdictions who have received notification from certain banking institutions restricting deposits to Binance

The CEO stresses the organization’s intention to work closely with policymakers in the future to encourage innovation and increase the ‘freedom of money in safe and compliant ways.’

What You May Have Missed From The Concert

Aside from the wonderful performances by Disclosure, NIKI, and BLOND:ISH, there were exclusive announcements and an AMA session with CZ at #BinanceTurnsFour.


Binance Labs also announced the Fall 2021 Incubation Program. Applications opened for the program, allowing crypto startups an opportunity to build and learn. 

An opportunity to purchase exclusive NFTs of performances from the acts was made available, as well as an award ceremony that saw fan-favorites recognized for their efforts. 

Another particularly exciting development was the launch of Binance Gift Cards. All your holiday plans may well have come early as you now have the chance to send crypto gift cards to family and friends.

Fear not if you missed the shindig that took place on July 14th, full recordings of both the performances and announcements have been made available to users that already have a Binance account.

How Do The Gift Cards Work?

You simply open the Binance app, tap ‘profile’ on the top left of the sidebar, and then tap gift card. You are then invited to choose the crypto you wish to include, and you have created a gift card. 

The key takeaway here is that you can send these gift cards to Binance and non-Binance users through email or a unique digital code. 

In an incredibly exciting moment in the development of crypto, with many urging friends and family to learn about the sphere, these gift cards will allow for an ideal invitation. 

You are invited to craft your own favored design and add a personal message. This personal touch will do much to attract further users. If you’re quick about it, you can even send a limited edition Binance 4th Anniversary-themed gift card.

Final Thoughts

This week was a special one for Binance for a host of reasons, but in the sense of furthering innovation, security, and enticing prospective users, it was business as usual. 

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