This is what happens when Wall Street Meets BSC


Following the recent listing of Coinbase on the Nasdaq stock exchange, it appears as more and more bridges are being built between stocks and cryptocurrencies.

These projects enable investors to hold a 1:1 version of the original stock, this time in #BEP20, a tokenized equity that resides on the blockchain. There are actually many benefits of holding a synthetic version of an asset instead of the real one, and here are just a few.

These assets can be traded anytime, unlike the stock market, enabling a true 24/7 experience just like the crypto market itself.

They can be purchased globally. Due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, anyone in the world can now have that market exposure, even if they live in parts of the world where access to foreign equities or US stocks might be limited, for example.

The asset is on-chain and not staying idle on the stock market.
Now being liquid, these tokenized versions can be used in several ways, and provide much more than just pure investment material. They can now be easily swapped, paired for liquidity, or even used as collateral in Defi applications, earning yields or be borrowed against. Indeed, yield farming with Tesla tokenized stocks is already a reality on #BSC.

As of now, most of these “assets” are already available in various liquidity pairs replicating the price, volatility, and risk/reward of the original stocks, and it’s likely that even more projects will appear in the next few months offering even more options and stocks to invest in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

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