This Hamster Wheel is Spinning – HamsterCoin Hits New ATH

The token is currently dominating the charts and has shown no signs of declining yet.

Breaking New Records 

Hamster Coin is one of the most talked-about projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Although the protocol plans to bypass market fluctuations, Hamster intends to launch a swapping feature soon, providing more use-cases for its growing community. In the current period, Hamster Coin is currently experiencing a bullish run. 

The protocol’s native $HAM token is dominating the BSC charts and has shown no bearish signs. The $HAM token reached a new all-time high (ATH) on Wednesday, October 27th. As of this writing, it is still on a 99%+ increase in the last 24 hours.


Although it is considered a ‘poocoin’, the token was endorsed by Dogecoin supporter Elon Musk, prompting users to compare it to the popular Dogecoin token. 

“Hamster has mad skillz!!” Elon promoted the shitcoin on September 28th through Twitter.

Before Hamster’s new ATH, the project was among the top ten trending BSC-based projects by the highest social signal. BNB Swap on Twitter posted the top projects on October 26th, featuring big names in the BSC ecosystem such as PancakeSwap ($CAKE), StepHero ($HERO), and Binance Coin ($BNB). 


Hamster Coin Garners Top Trading Status

After its top social signal reputation, Hamster Coin was also recognized by Coin98 Exchange. The All-in-one multichain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform hosted a trading competition to determine the top traded tokens on BSC. From Coin98’s tweet on October 26th, Hamster Coin made the list. 

“Breaking news from our reporters. The trading competition on @coin98_exchange is heating up with amazing #BSC projects. Let’s shout out to #C98 $NFTBS $ASTRO $HAM $CATGIRLCOIN $YOOSHI $KSHIB $THG $ALU $HERO,” Coin98 tweeted


Hamster Coin is trending on BSC, and with the incoming launch of HamsterSwap, the project may be the next big thing in the DeFi industry. Still, the crypto market is very volatile, and BSC News urges every investor to DYOR before purchasing any coin. So, will Hamster be the next Doge? Time will tell. 

About Hamster Coin

Hamster Coin $HAM is a decentralized token supported by a community of crypto enthusiasts. The project encourages consistent open communication and believes trust, transparency, and community are the pillars to building professional success. As a result, the protocol is one of the fastest-growing and most loved communities in the entire cryptosphere. 

Where to find Hamster: 

Website | Telegram | Twitter

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