Third BNGA NFT Project Sells Out in One Week: RetroBoyz

With three collections minted out in the space of a week, it’s been a solid beginning for BNGA, and the BNB Chain NFT market is beginning to reap the rewards.

BNGA Making a Difference

The BNB Chain Growth Alliance (BNGA) has seen a third NFT project, RetroBoyz, sell out in just one week as the organization continues to make a distinguishable impact on the chain. 

3999 RetroBoyz NFTs were snapped up during mint at just 0.10 BNB, making them the third project to have minted out this week after PixelSweepers and Baked Potatoes. Interest and volume have steadily been rising on BNB Chain marketplaces NFT Key and Binance NFT, and with innovative projects pumping out collections to mint, we may see this continue.

RetroBoyz offered minting incentives throughout their relevant collection, rewarding users with opportunities to win BNB in raffles up to the last few mints. Those who did get the chance to mint can look forward to the second phase of the project that will see PILLS NFTs arriving soon. Once minted, these NFTs allow users to burn their original RetroBoyz and transform them into a more creative and powerful NFT, the project claim. 

The NFT community on BNB Chain has a powerful week. The BNGA was well represented across the industry’s success and is proving to be a unifying alliance for the NFTs on BNB Chain.

For those still looking to pick up a RetroBoyz NFT, you can find them just under the mint price at the time of writing on NFTKey.

What is RetroBoyz Association:

RetroBoyz is an NFT collection of 3999 that live on BNB Chain and have recently been minted. The collection sees part of the income redistributed to holders by giveaway, and reinvested toward marketing and development. The collection offers users the chance to upgrade their initial NFTs with the forthcoming collection, through a burn and mint which then offers a more creative spin of their initial NFT.

Where to find RetroBoyz Association:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

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