Thetan Arena Sets NFT GameFi History, Passes 6 Million Players

6,000,000 Thetanians have played Thetan Arena within fifteen days of the blockchain game’s release.

Thetan Arena Makes GameFi History

Binance Smart Chain PlayToEarn project, Thetan Arena sets an NFT gaming industry record for active players in a blockchain game.

Thetan Arena has a free-to-play play-to-earn model that has attracted 6,000,000 active Thetanians to set blockchain gaming history within fifteen days of the official launch of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.The official Twitter account of Thetan Arena announced the milestone on December 13th.

“6 MILLION OF PLAYERS. Thetan Arena is THE FIRST ONE in the NFT gaming industry to hit 6 million players in just 15 days. Thank Thetanians for support and love. Let’s celebrate,” Thetan Arena proudly tweeted.


According to an article attached to the Thetan Arena tweet, the project reached the 3,000,000 mark within 7 days of the game’s release. Released as a mobile game on Android and iOS, it became the number one app on the app store in eleven different countries. These milestones are a reflection of the dedication and effort the team put into making this game.

“The success of Thetan Arena is the result of the tireless efforts of the best team in the industry,” Thetan Arena’s founder, Khanh Nguyen, was quoted in the article.

What is Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is a free-to-play play-to-earn mobile game built on Binance Smart Chain. The MOBA game aims not just to be considered an e-sports game, but also to connect crypto owners with streamers and gamers. They have a free-to-earn model that allows players to earn Thetan Coins and Thetan Gems by investing time and effort using a free hero, Raidon, instead of investing money to purchase their own heroes. 

Learn more about the project by visiting their website and these links:

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