Thetan Arena Releases Summer Box

Users get two summer boxes with a 100% chance to get Thetan Arena’s new hero.

Summer Vibes

Thetan Arena, a BNB Chain MOBA PlayAndEarn project, sold 100 Summer Boxes within the first 20 minutes of their sale.

Users not only get a sure Chef Octopus Hero, but also stand a chance to get one of three different summer vibes skins for Culien, El Dragon, and Meiko. There will only be 499 boxes sold in this event and the sale will run until June 21st.

“Chef Octopus is the first support hero in the game,” Thetan Arena said in a blog post. “[It was] inspired by the developer’s plan to help players diversify their in-game battle strategies. For now, 499 Chef Octopus are available as NFTs, and each player can own one of them by purchasing the Summer Box on Thetan Arena Marketplace.”

The start of the sale was announced through a Tweet on June 14. 


Chef Octopus’ release is one of the main highlights of the Summer Vibes event and follows a series of feature releases done by Thetan Arena. The limited quantity of Hero NFTs adds a level of exclusivity to the Hero and is a feature the team is using to combat NFT inflation. A box set costs 15,000 $THC and is about half-way sold out. Grab yours now while supplies last!

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