Thetan Arena Releases Staking Guide

Members of the community of the MOBA PlayToEarn blockchain game have the option to choose between staking options, Stake And Lock, and Flexible

$THG Staking

Thetan Arena has been constantly informing its community about the staking protocols available on its platform. The latest details have informed users of new staking details.

The team behind the PlayToEarn NFT blockchain MOBA project on BNB Chain, released their staking guide through a tweet on their Twitter account on March 30. Users can choose between the Stake And Lock staking option, or the Flexible staking option when thinking about investing their $THG token. 

“#ThetanArena is delighted to present you the guide for THG Staking,” Thetan Arena said in a tweet. “This will give you a step-by-step walkthrough over the official dashboard. IT’S ABOUT TIME, GUYS!  STAY TUNED!”


Users who select the Flexible Staking option can proceed to input the amount of $THG they wish to skate in the protocol. After confirming the transaction on both the dashboard and on their crypto wallet, portfolio details can be seen on the “Your Stakings” tab of the staking dashboard. However, for the Stake And Lock option, users need to select heroes to stake then the protocol will calculate how much $THG tokens are needed for the transaction to push through. 

Check out Thetan Arena’s guide or refer to their whitepaper to learn more about the staking program.

What is Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a FreeToPlay PlayToEarn mobile game built on the BNB Chain. The MOBA game aims not just to be considered an Esports game, but also to connect crypto owners with streamers and gamers. They have a FreeToEarn model that allows players to earn Thetan Coins and Thetan Gems by investing time and effort using a free hero, Raidon, instead of investing money to purchase their own heroes.

Learn more about the project by visiting their website and these links:

Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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