Thetan Arena Launches Esports Tournament and Coinbase Wallet Integration

The tournament is open to the Thetan Arena community in South America and South East Asia.

Esports GameFi Tournament

Blockchain-gaming platform on BNB ChainThetan Arena, prepares to launch its first eSports tournament, “Rise of Helios.” The GameFi platform will give out $20,000 BUSD worth of rewards to the best teams from South America and South-East Asia. 

The eSports tournament is sponsored by CoinEx Exchange and the PlayToEarn (P2E) MetaverseBabyMoon Gaming House. Already, CoinEx is hosting a Twitter giveaway to celebrate the upcoming tournament announced by Thetan Arena through its blog page on April 15: 

“Inspired by the figure of Helios driving his chariot into the heavens, Rise of Helios – Thetan Arena’s very first eSport Tournament – is calling all heroes from South America and South East Asia in the Thetan World to join this highly competitive event and start making names for themselves,” the Blog read. 


Meanwhile, users can participate in the ongoing CoinEx giveaway by completing the tasks in the protocol’s tweet on April 20. CoinEx will reward each of the twenty lucky winners with 80 CET––the native token of CoinEx. 

The tournament promises to be exciting for lovers of the GameFi platform. Rise of Helios is an opportunity for players to spend time playing games while earning rewards. The cash prize of $20,000 BUSD is huge for gaming enthusiasts across both regions. 

Rise of Helios Tournament Details and Participation 

The tournament will begin in the South American region from April 23 to 24 at 19:00 UTC daily. The South East Asian region tournament will commence on April 30 and end on May 1 at 07:00 UTC daily. 

The prize pool of $20,000 BUSD is divided into two––$10,000 for each region. The best two teams get $4000 and $2000 respectively, while the remaining $4000 will be shared between 3rd place and 16th place as follows:

1st Place: $4,000.

2nd Place: $2,000.

3rd and 4th Place: $800 each. 

5th to 8th Place: $400 each. 

9th to 16th Place: $100 each. 

Rise of Helios tournament is open to every user across both regions. However, players must be at least 18 years old to participate. For players under 18 years, Thetan Arena demands a  “Proof of Consent” provisional document signed by a parent or a legal guardian. 

According to the Thetan Arena publication, the tournament will consist of the three-game modes on its GameFi platform in a five-game arrangement: Tower – Super Star – Super Star – Tower – Deathmatch. Additionally, each region would accommodate 512 teams, with each team comprising four members.

“Up to 512 teams will be accommodated for each region, with each team comprising 4 members and having 1 tournament life, meaning 1 match loss will result in the team getting eliminated from the bracket, hence the tournament. The matches will follow the Best of Five format – teams who win a total of 3 individual games will advance to the next stage,” Thetan Arena wrote. 

Thetan Arena utilizes the Community Gaming platform to host the tournament. Thus, players from both regions are required to register using the following Community Gaming links below: 

South America – Register HERE

South East Asia – Register HERE

Users are advised to follow Thetan Arena and Community Gaming social pages to learn more about the tournament. Most importantly, registration for both regions will close 24 hours before the tournament begins. Read the Thetan Arena announcement for more information. 

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