Thetan Arena Fuels Competitive Fire With Weekly Tournaments

Thetan Arena Weekly Tournaments will be held Fridays to Sundays as the team prioritizes players’ gaming experience and earnings.

Gaming and Earning

Thetan Arena, a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) blockchain game built on BNB Chain, is taking a more competitive route as it starts to host weekly tournaments for its community.

In a tweet on Aug. 26, the team invited its community to join the weekly tournaments, which will be hosted every Friday to Sunday, with no end date in sight. Weekly tournaments are available for all regions, and no fees are needed to join.

“The tournament, once held occasionally, has been crucial to the gameplay of Thetan Arena since the beginning as it allows players to earn by making use of NFT heroes and take home big rewards,” Joshua Tang, PR specialist at Thetan Arena, told BSCNews. “The decision to make the tournament a weekly event comes from Thetan Arena’s prioritization of both the gaming experience of the players and the earning factor simultaneously.”


The top 100 players in Thetan Arena’s weekly tournaments will earn rewards, making the battles even fiercer. Tournament rewards will be in $gTHG, but can be converted to $THG as well.

“A MOBA is never complete without a tournament where players can demonstrate their battle skills and strategies, and a GameFi project should enable its users to earn and have fun at the same time,” Tang added.

Those interested can join the tournaments through the Special Events tab on the Thetan Arena marketplace.

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