Thetan Arena Discloses Perks For Content Creators

Content creators for the PlayToEarn blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain can earn some gTHG as well as get access to Thetan Arena Content prior to its release.

Creator Corner

PlayToEarn MOBA blockchain project, Thetan Arena, revealed details of its Creator Corner program for content creators in its community.

The Thetan Arena team looks to leverage content creators to promote their game by giving qualified content creators a way to earn gTHG tokens and grow their viewership by having access to gameplay content prior to its release. The team announced the details of its creator corner through a tweet on their Twitter account on February 22.

“PERKS FROM CREATOR CORNER. As Creators: Free to create content, Earn gTHG, Get promoted both in-game and on our social platforms. As Viewers: Experience content from top tier Creators, Earn gTHC just from watching videos,” Thetan Arena said in its tweet.


Creators also have the chance to increase their viewership by catering to the Thetan Arena community. Selected content creators will be promoted inside the game as well as through the social media platforms of the PlayToEarn project. This program is structured in a way that viewing Thetan Arena content from selected creators can also be a rewarding experience to the viewer.

Creators are required to make at least five pieces of Thetan Arena content in a month. Approved content creators will be given specialized links that they can attach to their content. A unique link is given per content they make and will be used to track how many people these content creators influence. Each click gives the creator a viewpoint that they will use to earn gTHG. The gTHG earned also depends on which region their viewers come from, how fast they can achieve their milestones, and what percentage of viewers actually click through their unique creator link.

Check out their official Creator Corner document to learn more about this creator program. Interested content creators can apply to be part of the Thetan Arena Creator Corner program.

What is Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is a free-to-play play-to-earn mobile game built on Binance Smart Chain. The MOBA game aims not just to be considered an e-sports game, but also to connect crypto owners with streamers and gamers. They have a free-to-earn model that allows players to earn Thetan Coins and Thetan Gems by investing time and effort using a free hero, Raidon, instead of investing money to purchase their own heroes.

Learn more about the project by visiting their website and these links:

Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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