Thetan Arena Creates A Content Creator Program

Team crafted a Creator Corner program to motivate its community for more player-driven content in 2022.

New Feature In The Arena

Thetan Arena, a FreeToPlay PlayToEarn blockchain game built on Binance Smart Chain, recently created a content creator program.

Creator Corner, the name for the Thetan Arena’s content creation program, aims to promote more community driven and user generated content for 2022. The GameFi project’s official twitter account announced the program on January 21.

“NEW FEATURE – CREATOR CORNER #ThetanArena is delighted to introduce CREATOR CORNER – where every Thetanian can join and become content creators. FOR MORE DETAILS, please visit:” Thetan Arena delightfully tweeted.


Every and any Thetanian can participate in the program. Creators will be curated by the Thetan Arena team where both season players and new joiners contribute “creators viewpoints” to the program. Selected creators will get a referral link to be added to their platforms.

Creator Corner

Thetanians who are not selected to be a “Creator” for the Creator Corner project will be considered as “Viewers”. Viewers who click on the referral link on the content creator’s page will accumulate viewpoints. 

A reward progression is in place for this system, which includes certain milestone achievements that need to be reached. Once viewpoints reach these milestones, both the creator and the viewer will receive gTHG. Take note that viewpoints are accumulated unlimitedly, making for virtually unlimited rewards through this system. The progression system resets when the highest reward is reached so the whole system starts over again.

Thetan Arena will be releasing more details about the program soon. Check out Thetan Arena’s Facebook post to learn more about the program.

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