Thetan Arena Completes Second THC Burning Round

A total of 128 million $THC was burned by the blockchain MOBA project, as

Second Burning Round Complete

BNB Chain PlayAndEarn GameFi Protocol, Thetan Arena, recently completed its second $THC burning for the year.

The team announced the event through Twitter on April 26. The second burning round totaled 128 million $THC, which is roughly 45% of the total circulating supply of the token in the market. Thetan Arena also mentioned that they plan to have more frequent burning events and is looking to have them on a monthly basis.

“This move represents how Thetan Arena is growing stronger as the project keeps our players and community engaged with plenty of activities – both in and outside of the game,” the MOBA project said in a blog post. “This amount of THC accounted for more than 45% of the total THC in circulation in the market and was burned to ensure the balance of the token. At the same time, it will contribute to the stabilization and limit the possibility of the inflation of THC.”

Thetan Arena’s tokenomics continue to captivate prospective gamers and crypto enthusiasts as the regular token burns help support token price.


Thetan Arena had their first burning round at the start of the year, which saw 100 million $THC burned during the January event. The latest burning round saw the price of $THC increase by 1.7% on Coingecko’s charts a few moments after the burn took place. As of writing, the price of Thetan Arena’s governance token, $THG, stands at $0.624112.

What is Thetan Arena:

Thetan Arena is a FreeToPlay PlayToEarn mobile game built on the BNB Chain. The MOBA game aims not just to be considered an Esports game, but also to connect crypto owners with streamers and gamers. They have a FreeToEarn model that allows players to earn Thetan Coins and Thetan Gems by investing time and effort using a free hero, Raidon, instead of investing money to purchase their own heroes.

Learn more about the project by visiting their website and these links:

Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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