Thetan Arena Completes Mid March Update

Game balancing adjustments and end of season rewards headline the mid March update for the MOBA PlayToEarn project on BNB Chain.

Update Completed

Thetan Arena, a MOBA PlayToEarn gaming blockchain project built on the BNB chain, recently finished its mid March update on March 16.

The Thetan Arena team took to twitter on March 16th to announce to their community that the maintenance that will roll out all the updates is now finished. Adjustments to the game balancing, as well as an update on end of season rewards spearheaded the mid march game update for the PlayToEarn project.

“MAINTENANCE IS COMPLETED. All the mid-March updates have been deployed Thetanians can now log into Thetan Arena and continue to enjoy the game,” Thetan Arena said in a tweet


HP changes to Durass, Velvet, and Culien were the hero specific changes for the balancing adjustments done to the game. An update to Shield, where it will now be broken after taking on 850 damage or after four seconds, whichever comes first, and Mortal, where fury immobile time at max range is reduced to .3 seconds instead of .5, but added a disarm ability, were the skill specific changes done. 

“There are many things that can ruin the fun of a game, such as overpowered heroes or broken skills. In the upcoming mid-March update, we are going to make a few changes to bring more balance to the game,” Thetan Arena explained in a Facebook post.


With season 1 coming to an end, the Thetan Arena team also wanted to remind its community that the rewards are not based on the leaderboards, but based on the ranks of the players. These ranks will reset based on a set of rules that the team revealed.

“Please note the rewards are based on players’ ranks, NOT on the leaderboard. [These] Include Power Point & non-NFT Cosmetics. Players’ ranks will be reset by the following rules. If the rank is lower than Platinum V, it will stay intact. If the rank is higher than Platinum V, it will be reset back to Platinum V,” Thetan Arena shared in a separate Facebook post. “Player rankings in Trophies leaderboard will not be affected by the reset.”

A refined friend referral program, and Cosmetic items round up the new updates for the middle of March. The referral program can give players 30 Power Points  for each friend that they refer. Each account, however, is limited to Maximum 1500 Power Points. The condition for referral is having that friend fight at least five battles prior to being able to claim the rewards. 

On the Cosmetic items front, players can customize four different aspects of their profile, their avatar, the avatar frame, an emote, and their spaceship. Each cosmetic, similar to heroes, also has three rarity levels – common, epic, and legendary. These cosmetics are both NFTs and Non-NFTs. The NFTs can be purchasable from the marketplace while the Non-NFTs will be part of the in-game ranked rewards system or available for purchase in the in-game shop.

“You will finally be able to customize your profiles! While the core of Thetan Arena is the gameplay, sometimes you can’t ignore how bland your profile could look,” Thetan Arena said in a tweet on March 16. “That’s why we are going to release Cosmetics in the game.”

Check out Thetan Arena’s Facebook page or twitter account to get updated on the latest Thetan Arena happenings.

What is Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is a FreeToPlay PlayToEarn mobile game built on the BNB Chain. The MOBA game aims not just to be considered an Esports game, but also to connect crypto owners with streamers and gamers. They have a FreeToEarn model that allows players to earn Thetan Coins and Thetan Gems by investing time and effort using a free hero, Raidon, instead of investing money to purchase their own heroes.

Learn more about the project by visiting their website and these links:

Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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