Thetan Arena Announces Lunar New Year Update

The first update for Thetan Arena in 2022 is expected to come on the 22nd of January.

Happy Lunar New Year

FreeToPlay PlayToEarn blockchain game, Thetan Arena, looks forward to a different new year as they announce a Lunar New Year celebration update.

The Lunar New Year updates are expected to come on the 22nd of January. The official Twitter account of Thetan Arena announced the update on January 14.

“LUNAR NEW YEAR – BIG UPDATE. Our very first big update of 2022 is coming. Let’s celebrate Lunar New Year, Thetanians!!! Expected date: 22nd January, 2022. The exact time will be covered in upcoming news.More details at:” Thetan Arena excitedly tweeted.


Players can expect a maintenance on the marketplace and the actual game prior to the release of the actual update. Skins, seasonal boxes, and game balances, as well as other features are what players can expect when the updates start rolling in.

The Update

The exact time of the update is still yet to be given, but the team did give some details on what the update brings. Hero rentals and a creator corner are some new features to Thetan Arena that the update opens up. There will also be game balancing and match making improvements coming with the patch. In terms of skins, there will be a Lunar New Year skin to Breaker and to Velvet, a hero that is a new addition to the metaverse.

Some features that players can expect soon are Thetan Lunar New Year seasonal boxes, THG staking, special events, and hero trading in the marketplace will now be traded in $THC instead of $WBNB. The team will release more information as the new year approaches.

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